lady gaga1Do you know Lady GaGa?

If YES, think again. Do you even know her hair colour?

Here are some facts that many of us are not aware of about Lady GaGa.
On 28th March (Aries) 1986 a girl was born in New York, christened Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She went to the Sacred Heart Convent School, New York. She started playing piano ever since she was a four year old kid and went on to compose a piano ballad at thirteen. She started writing lyrics and playing open mic-nights at local clubs. Piano, ballads, songs, karaoke, dramatic plays and musicals, she left nothing untouched. kid (38206)

Her school life as she put it was "very disciplined, very studious, very disciplined", however Stefani has been "different" ever since she was a kid and kids often poked fun at her being "too provocative or too eccentric".

gaga colege lifeGaGa was admitted to Tisch School of the Arts, New York, at 17. She pursued higher education in music and improvised her lyrics writing skills and composed essays and journals on topics such as arts, social issues, religion and politics. She dropped college in her sophomore to focus on music and shape her career. Her father agreed to pay her rents on one condition that if she didn't succeed she should re-enroll at Tisch.

Summarising her struggle in music industry she once said, "I left my entire family, got the cheapest apartment I could find, and ate shit until somebody would listen." And after a lot of struggle she finally stumbled upon music producer, Rob Fusari, who gave her the moniker Lady GaGa, inspired by "Radio GaGa", the Queen's classic hit, which echoed Freddie Mercury's free thinking and glitzy spirit. Lady GaGa tied up with musician/DJ Lady Starlight and gradually carved a niche on stage, with bestselling projects like Lady GaGa and the Starlight Revue.


GaGa signed a contract with music producer Def Jam, but the contract was terminated in a short period of time without any output. She signed a contract with the Interscope in 2007 and joined them as a songwriter and began collaborating with Akon. She also wrote songs for Pussycat Dolls and "New Kids on the Block". Akon recognised her musical talents and honed her career as a solo artist.
GaGa shifted her focus from avant-garde electronic dance music and began incorporating glam rock and pop melodies to gradually discover her niche in the industry. Her debut album The Fame sold record breaking copies while the lead single track "Just Dance" topped the charts in 6 countries- the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia and Canada. This song was nominated to the Best Dance Recording category in the Grammy Awards. The next single "Poker face" is actually the song credited for all her fame winning a Grammy Award. The Fame also found a place in the nominations for the best album.Brunette GaGa

The "Poker Face" girl has never turned back ever since. She went on to give several chartbuster tracks and creating just as many controversies and some of the most outrageous clothes to be ever worn, perhaps in the history of mankind. Her song "Alejandro" got 1 billion views on Youtube partly because of a controversy attached to it.

And to answer the question I asked in my first line: Lady GaGa is a natural brunette. She bleached her hair blonde to avoid any similarity from Amy Winehouse. brunette gaga1