First World Problems

I distinctly remember thinking when I was young, why is it that the older generation complain constantly about today's youth? Comments such as " You wouldn't have seen that in my day" and "When I was a child..."followed on with the usual "You don't know what hardship is" line. So I'm know wondering, is it just because I'm getting old, and in an unconscious way I find myself carrying on the tradition of complaining about the younger generations, or is their something bigger going down? The following video is exaggerated and funny, but sadly to a great extent I believe true.


Upon first seeing this video, I thought that there's a lot that rings true with what I see happening in the world today. Personally, I don't think the problems in the video are purely contained to being "First World Problems" though. Whilst lifestyle is considered much more comfortable in first world countries (in respect to monetary and material wealth)I'm currently living in a developing country, and I often see that, in their hurry to catch up with the rest of the world, they are often making the same mistakes and they are doing it at an even quicker pace than we did. 

The Way We Were

As our world hurtles forward seemingly in warp drive, the older generations nostalgically look back at the way things were. I'm not only talking about people in their 60's,  70's and up, you only need hang out on Facebook for a few hours to see the 30 something age group posting pictures of things like a cassette tape and a piece of sticky tape or small rolled up piece of paper saying "who knows why these two things go together" or the picture of an old model telephone with the words - this generation don't know the feeling of slamming down one of these hand sets. The 30 and 40-year-old age group are already reminiscing. The changes so far in my lifetime are mind-blowing, I can only begin to imagine how my parents view all these things. We can't keep up ourselves, so the difficulties they have staying in touch with a rapidly advancing world must sometimes seem insurmountable (and good on them and many others for doing as well as they do). Todays youth live at this rapid pace but as technology advances, do moralistic values decrease?

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Always Getting What You Want, When You Want

FWPWhat is happening to our younger generations, who have these seemingly weekly technological advances and a continuous changing lifestyle.  What I see is "The Entitlement Generation "struggling. Keeping up with the Jones' has become an almost impossible feat. Somewhere along the way though something seems to have happened to our kids basic morals. As far as wanting things are concerned, kids have never been any different right? We all as kids wanted things like...the shiny new bicycle, skates, the latest record and whatever the fad shoes or clothes where at that particular time. There was however a waiting period, the fads and things lasted for a longer time and it was not unusual for myself and my friends to dream and work towards getting the object of our desires. We worked, physically, by doing chores like washing up and drying the dishes, helping with the gardening, washing and hanging out clothes, clearing up around the house - including our bomb hit bedrooms - and we learned to behave, be courteous to others and always show appreciation for any gifts we received. Those waiting periods were hard and we often felt hard done by, but you know what? They made the actual event of finally achieving our goal even more special and seeing that shiny new bike, that we waited all year or more for, under the Christmas tree, it made us truly appreciate what we had received. Not just for a day or a week but for years and years.

I've used this quote before but I have to show it again here because it is so applicable

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called. ~A.A. Milne

So the final act of actually getting the thing we had yearned for, made sure that we cherished and looked after it for many years. Whilst I don't advocate gaining happiness from material things as the way to go, our happiness was definitely enhanced by the long wait, the work involved in getting it and the time spent daydreaming of the day that it would hopefully become ours. 


Generation Me

Are We Spoiling Our Kids Too Much?

In this modern-day and age where things such as new iPhones or the latest smart phones and gadgets are constantly being released, It's not uncommon to see todays youth (in first world countries) believing that not having these material things is a big problem. This is where the first world issue does come into play. In developing countries the youth have bigger problems than whether they have the latest iPhone. Even if they did have the latest gadget, believe me, they wouldn't have time to use it. So is giving our youth of today everything they ask for and want - instantly - a good thing? When you love your children and you want the best for them, it's very difficult not to spoil them with every luxury that you can afford, but is it detrimental to their personal growth? If you don't know a simple hardship like having to wait and work towards something, how can you deal with lifes really big issues when they arrive? We all want to provide all we can for our children and wish them a life of happiness but money can't buy everything nor can too much of it give you a realistic view of what the real world can be like.

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A Throw Away Society, What Is Next To Go?

These days we do indeed live in a throw away society. It's not only the mass-produced disposable items that are everywhere, but it's the items that are still perfectly ok, fairly new and working fine, that get shoved aside to make way for a better, newer, faster and more interesting replacement. Todays attitude of never being happy with what we do have and always craving something better that we don't have, seems to be spreading throughout society. One must wonder, if we have this throw away opinion about material things, does it also spread to more important things in life, such as relationships, family, marriage and life itself?

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