The Juice Box Bully -  Empowering Kids to Stand Up for Others

Michigan just passed the Anti-bully legislation in December 2011.   Governor Snyder signed the bill.  Michigan became the 48th state at that time. Why Michigan has been so long without this law is a mystery to me.    The other state that does not have the Anti-bully legislation is Montana.

Child Bullied by anotherCredit:,Diego Grez, License, Creative Commons, Unported CC

Child bullied by another

I interviewed a kindergartener and a first-grader.  They both shared with me that a police officer came into the classroom and talked to the class about bullying.  They remembered a great deal of information.   Some of the information they learned is as follows:   

1.  When a bully bullies you, you can say, “Stop, I don’t like it when you bully me.”  They are to say this in a loud voice.

2.  There is a difference when you step on someone’s feet unknowingly than when you step on a person’s feet on purpose. 

3.   They expressed that the person bullied is a victim and others that are watching should get involved and tell the bully they do not like it when they bully.  

4.  They learned a slogan, “Be a Buddy not a bully.”

I would say that they received great tips.   There is a need for  more bullying programs in the schools.  

Have you ever known a bully?  Have you ever been the bully?  According to the Web Medical Dictionary, kids are more likely to not feel good about themselves or even be depressed when bullied.

The effects of bullying have resulted in various deaths of people.   I recall  a recent suicide in Flushing, Michigan, January 11, 2012,  a young man, age 18 at Flushing High School.  His dead body was in a wooded area that was not far from the family’s home.    The school denied any allegations of bullying, but the young man's ’s family started receiving Facebook messages.  The messages indicated that he  was the victim of bullying.  He  even left a note stating that people were causing him pain.   This is just an example of how deadly bullying is.   

This same Flushing High School Principal  started a   Hotline to the Principal.  I hope that this hotline will be a way for kids to talk to the principal quicker.    The school added a policy to allow students to use cell phones in hallways between class periods. The hotline started December 12, 2011 and students have used it.   They can text information anonymously.   Possibly text the principal right at the onset of problems, especially if there is bullying.

According to Marcy Weed, a prevention counselor at Skaneateles Middle and High schools, silently witnessing   bullying and not doing anything is suggestive of supporting the bully.   How many times have you seen bullying occurring where the bystanders just do nothing or even laugh and encourage the bully?   I recall as I watched the Television Program “What Would You Do?," many people saw someone bullied.  Many did nothing.  Then there was those small few that got involved and stood up to the bully. 

Cyber-bullying is a form of bullying via the internet, cellphone, or other devices.  The harmful effects of that are that it can reach millions of people in a short amount of time.   That is devastating to a bullied victim.    Will you get involved today to stop bullying?[2789] [2790][2791][2792][2794]