Global hunger is a problem that is only going to get worse before it ever gets better. There are many causes for hunger that can cause a severe food shortage around the world. With the drought, wars and poverty that the world is experiencing, there is now a global food crisis like never before.


How long will it take for the global hunger problem to reach your part of the world?


This is a problem that is already reaching home for a lot of people due to high unemployment and unbearable taxes. Keep in mind that a famine can last for years, even decades! As a result, the global hunger crisis is causing food prices to increase everywhere. Because of this the poor among the world can’t afford to buy the food they need. As the food becomes scarce, global hunger becomes a worse problem.

Food LineCredit: Feed My Hungry Children

As the situation gets worse, the crime rate will increase because people will begin to steel and riot so that they can get enough food to eat. They will break into houses and steal any food or valuables that they find. Stores will be broken into as well, and shoplifting will become a big problem.

Those who have stored up food will be spared from the famine until they run out of food. A lot of people have a few days worth of food stored up. These are the next to be affected by the global food crisis. They will join with those who didn’t store any food, and the crime will continue to increase.


Who will suffer the least when global hunger kicks into high gear?


It will be the people who have lots of food stored up. The preppers and survivalists that have at least a years worth of food will be a lot better off since they have plenty of food in storage. The smart ones will have several years of food stored up so that they can something to barter with.

People who have a garden, and are growing their own food, will be the ones that come through global hunger the best. Since they are growing their own produce, they will always have food available, and they will be the ones hurting the least during the global food crisis.

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Of course the preppers who have greenhouses and/or hydroponics gardens will be the ones who can grow all the food they want during a global hunger crisis. This is because they can continue to grow fruits and vegetables all year-long. This is the best situation to be in since you do not need to rely on people to grow the food for you.


As the global food crisis gets worse, which side do you want to be on?


You have basically two choices. One, you can do nothing and hope that you will always have food to eat, and that nothing bad will happen to you, or two, you can take a few precautions and prepare for a possible global hunger outbreak.

It really isn’t that hard, or expensive, to have some food and supplies stocked up for when something does happen to the food supply. Here are the three things that can help you during these times: stock up on food, learn how to garden, and stock up on seeds.

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Food Designed For Long Term Storage

A lot of money isn’t needed to get started; just start buying a little extra food at a time. When doing this little step, you will be surprised just how quickly you can build up your stored food supply. I suggest storing at least one year’s supply of food. This will help you through the first year of a famine. It will at least give you enough time to start growing your own food. 

In addition to stocking up on food and supplies, learning how to garden now will also help you during these trying times. Becoming an experienced gardener will be an invaluable benefit during a global hunger crisis. Starting a hydroponics garden is also a good idea because it can produce food all year long.

Starting a seed bank and storing some seeds will allow you to grow a variety of food. It can also give you a valuable bartering item since seeds are light and take up very little space. Not to mention they can remain viable for years.

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Heirloom Seed Bank

Heirloom seeds are the ones to get because they have never been altered by man. Stay away from hybrid and genetically altered seeds because some of them have been altered to have a limited life span, or might produce only one crop. Heirloom seeds will always produce viable seeds year after year and can be stored in a cool and dry place for years.

It should come as no surprise that global hunger is getting worse. By following these three simple steps, you can reduce the impact that a global food crisis will have on you, and provide for your family during this time of need.