Do you make money on the internet? Do you dabble selling things on Ebay? Do you regularly run advertising campaigns with Google Adwords or any other pay per click advertising site?

If you do, and you are a "one person" show right now, working all your spare hours on the computer to make yourself and your family a better life, then there is one thing you need to do right now.


This is so important, and you are probably frowning wondering what is she talking about? Why would I tell someone what I am doing, if I have found a way to make money on the internet?. I worked hard at this, and I don't want to give away any secrets!

What I mean by this statement, is that you need to let someone in your family, know what you are doing on the internet. You need to pick a family member or a trusted friend. They don't have to know every detail of what you are doing, but they should know a few simple rules to follow if something happens to you. A simple task they need to do on your computer, to shut things down. They don't even have to understand what you are doing, just give them a simple task. Make it clear in writing, or show them yourself how to shut things down.

This is a true story, and this can happen to anyone trying to make money on the internet.

A friend of mine, was starting to do well on the internet. We would email back and forth once in a while, as she did not live close by. She did not choose a passive way to make money, but a more aggressive way, using "pay per click" advertising, such as Google Adwords and others.

This worked for her, and she loved it, she would set campaigns up to go to her website where she was selling her product, and also doing affiliate marketing. But she would do aggressive advertising, where you would put in your daily limit for "pay per click" at $100.00 dollars or more. She would monitor her campaigns closely, and then at the end of the day, if she was not making the money she wanted, then she would suspend the campaign and stop paying for clicks. This was working great, since many days she did well.

I was only partly aware of this, but her family were like mine, that give you that "deer in the headlight look" anytime you talk about your internet business. Most of her family thought it was "cute" what she was doing, and nice that she was making some extra money, but that it was not a "real job".

Her campaigns started to become quite successful, and her family was enjoying the extra cash that was showing up. But one week I had not heard from her, and I thought she must be away, only to find out that she had a car accident. She was hurt but recovered. But was in hospital and because of sedation was in and out of it. No one knew about her aggressive campaigning she had been doing, until the credit card bill came in!

That day she had set her campaign for pay per clicks to $200.00 dollars per day. She did not make it back in time to suspend this, and by the time anyone knew what was going on, her credit card was charged for two weeks worth of advertising! People had been clicking up to the maximum amount each day!

Now lucky for her, this campaign was doing alright, but still the pay per click was costing more than she had been making over the course of two weeks. Her hubby went to use the credit card and it was maxed out! Only after investigation did he find that she had the credit card attached to this campaign site, and it was still running!. He did not understand any of it, and was upset and anxious over it all.

She got well, and got home and got in and shut things down. But what if she had not got better for a long time?

None of us plan to be sick or in accidents, but it can happen. If you do article marketing and are making passive money, then maybe this won't affect you the same way. But if you have website and are aggressively marketing online with your credit card on file as payment, then you had better have some kind of backup plan.

She had obviously set the limit at $200.00 that day, then went out, and as she said "dreaming about the money she was hopefully making while she was running errands" Little did she know that she would be in an accident and laid up.

She is fine now, and everything worked out OK.. The credit card was paid with the money she had made, but this got me to thinking, that what if it was worse? What if she had died? Would the advertising site be compassionate to a family trying to stop the credit card from being automatically charged? If you have a card with a large limit, this could be a disaster!

So, if you do aggressive marketing to make money on the internet, then maybe you should let someone know about what you are up to. If you don't want to do that, or no one is interested in your dealings online. Then at least have a file somewhere that family or a trusted friend has to deal with in case of an emergency. Also consider getting a low limit card just for use in your internet business. At least it could never get past the limit and the site would shut down your ads anyway.

You could have the name of any site that is COSTING money, such as a pay per click, written down, and list the password. Leave instructions how to stop any advertising. Even if that is all they did, at least the charges would stop. They don't need to do anything else unless you want them to. They would at least be able to check if anything needs to be suspended while you are not able to do it yourself.

After all, you are working hard at making money on the internet, for your family and to add to your finances, you would not want them to be dealing with money being drained from the accounts or credit cards because you were unable to deal with it.

Just something to think about!