Do You Make Money Recycling

Many people are unaware not only of the many different household materials that can be recycled, but also of the ways to make money recycling these different products. A number of different recycling organizations and companies will offer modest sums of money for these materials, and will accept everything from cameras to cell phones to laptops to golf balls. When people are conscientious about recycling, these payouts can add up to a significant amount of money.

Drop Off Centers

Recycling drop-off centers are one of the most popular ways to make money recycling. These sites generally accept basic recyclables: paper, cardboard, magazines, plastic, aluminum, and glass. To benefit from these services, make sure to separate all recyclable goods into the appropriate categories before bringing them to the drop-off site, as this will greatly speed along the process and make it much easier to determine the weight and value of overall goods. Receipts for payment will then be distributed according to the weight of the recyclables.

Online Recycling Companies

There are also a number of different recycling companies that will offer money for certain used materials. For example, YouRenew pays for old electronic equipment like cameras, calculators, laptops, iPods, DVDs, etc. To make the process even more convenient, they will even send a shipping label so electronics can be mailed at a reduced cost. Flipswap and CellforCash (Highly Recommended!) are two internet-based companies that pay specifically for old cell phones, while Toner Buyer and Cash4Cartridges will offer money for old ink cartridges. Knetgolf will even purchase old golf balls for almost $1 a ball!

Monitor Recycling for Reward Points

An innovative business called offers a slightly different way to make money recycling. After a person signs up with the site, Recyclebank will monitor the amount of goods that person recycles. Then, the company will offer each member a certain number of points based on the weight of total goods recycled during a specific time period. These points can be redeemed at a number of different participating stores, including Best Buy, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, along with many others.

Donate for Tax Deductions

Another way to make money recycling is to save money by recycling. That is, rather than sending recyclable materials to an internet-based recycling company or drop-off site, people can send still-usable products (like laptops and other electronics, clothes, furniture, etc.) to a nonprofit organization like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or Amvets. These companies will provide receipts for the value of any items donated, which individuals can then write off on their taxes. These companies also offer pick-up service for convenient donation.

Recycling old products boasts a number of varied benefits, both for the individual and for society at large. In other words, a person will not only make money recycling, but will also be demonstrating environmental sustainability when doing so. Recycling reduces the amount of material that piles up in landfills, so the more that is reused, the better—and getting paid to save the earth is not a bad deal.