Selling the sizzle or the hope that you can make money online is just as lucrative as actually making money from the Internet via affiliate programs and pay per click programs. The only problem is that only a few of these "How-To" guru have some ethics in mind when selling e-books, tele-seminars, and DVDs - Most sellers of new life in the making money online area are "Pump-And-Dump" e-pimps that just buy a product with resell rights and advertise their butts off to unsuspecting people who are desperate to create an additional income to either supplement their current job or wanting a comfortable lifestyle that affords them stay at home with their families.

Presumably the only time should be selling and profiting from a "How To Make Money Online" system for sale is if they have hard evidence that it works for them or has performed in the past. Another caveat with method is some people will only sell the information after it has been outdated and not working as well as it did say a year ago. They are profiting from a ghost of systems past and you might glean a small amount from their old system. They have moved on to a new one and of course are not going to share this information while it's hot.

The real money being made on the Internet is not going to be shared with the bottom feeders that want to do little and get huge financial gains by piggy-backing - Why create redundant competition reducing your current way of making money online?

If I were to write a how to e-book on the MMO industry right now it would be so short people would want a refund because they would not believe it.

It would be something like this:

  1. Research and Purchase a Good Shared Hosting Plan.
  2. Research your Keyword Phrases that are Profitable and are Attainable in the Top Five Search Engine Placement.
  3. Purchase Domain Names that Pertain to your Keyword Phrases.
  4. Learn the ins-and-outs of Wordpress: Installation - Customizing Templates - SEO customization - Plug-ins
  5. Creating Content - Writing Your Own Content for the Keyword Phrases you have chosen. At least Five to Ten Articles per Web Site.
  6. Getting backlinks to your Keyword Rich Web Sites by requesting via hundreds/thousands of emails and Writing Articles for sites like,,, etc..
  7. Obtaining a Adsense Account - Learning Ad placement Optimization.
  8. Rinse and Repeat.
It's a rough draft but you may get the idea that this has somewhat of a learning curve - then you have work very hard and long hours to obtain the income you are looking for now. In 2003 people were making very good money with little work, but with competition and the rules and terms of service changing - It created a discipline that needs to be followed for similar financial outcome.

Maybe the balance is in doing both - Selling the how to make money online system to others and pursuing your own niche websites on various topics. If you can burn the e-candle at both ends then by all means please pursue it. Good Luck with whatever avenue you pick for your future.

How To Make Money Online