Whether you need a carpet shampooer or not, is entirely down to your personal situation and needs. Home carpet shampooers will never be as good as the ones the professional use, but they may do what you need.

There are many reasons to regularly clean your carpets. It has become known that a regular deep and thorough clean of your carpets means that they look better and last longer. Even the carpet manufacturers have become aware of this and are using it to extend their warranties. Warranty terms will state that annual carpet cleaning is required to maintain the warranty.

Carpet shampooing is using shampoo and, with brushes in the cleaner, agitating the shampoo deep into the fibers to clean them. The dirt soapy solution is then sucked up using a pump. Home carpet shampooing machines suffer from the same problems as home cleaning machines, mainly that their motors and pumps are not powerful enough to properly extract the dirty solution from the carpet. This is where the professional carpet cleaning machines rule supreme! The truck mount carpet cleaning machines are powered by generators that have many times the Amps available to them compared with those the regular home power supply can provide. What this means is that the professionals can extract almost all the water from the carpet leaving it nearly dry, and the home machines will leave the carpet a lot wetter. Why is this important? Well a wet carpet becomes magnet for dirt and dust, making you clean carpet dirt quickly. But also the longer the carpet takes to dry the more chance there is of getting mold or mildew develop, and this is not good for allergies or the carpet. Another potential problem is that a very wet carpet can be stained as it dries. A small section of carpet will dry much quicker than a whole room.

For the major job of cleaning the whole house full of carpets, I would suggest that getting the professional carpet cleaners into would be the best solution. The professional will be able to move your furniture, quickly and thoroughly deep clean the carpet, leaving it dry in a few hours. The whole job can be done in a day or two, with little effort.

If your home situation is such that you need a carpet cleaner to regularly cleaning small section of carpet rather than the whole room, then a carpet shampooer may well be a life saver. Those of us with pets or children (sometimes even the husband can create a mess that needs quick action!), may need to deal with accidents quickly and effectively. A home carpet shampooer will allow you to do that. Well known brands such as Carpet Devil, Bissell and Hoover are easily available both online and in stores. I would recommend that you go to a store and try out the machine, before you buy one. It will usually be cheaper to buy on line, but look out for discounts in the stores. Portable carpet shampooers can be found from a little as $50.