Los Angeles Lemon Lawyer
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If you live in Los Angeles and you think you may have purchased a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon car, you should look for a Los Angeles lemon lawyer. This type of lawyer will make sure you get the compensation you need and he will help you understand California’s laws as it relates to lemon cars. You can find a lemon lawyer by asking relatives you know who had to deal with this type of car. Another way is to research lemon lawyers by going to their websites. Read reviews of the lawyers to determine if that lawyer is the right choice for you.

Must Have Expertise And Experience

 Before you hire the lawyer, you need to find out if he specializes in cases which pertain to cars that are found by law to be a lemon. Also ask how many years of experience he has as a lawyer and if he’s trained in the knowledge of California’s lemon laws. This is important because the opposing side probably knows the state’s lemon laws and they’re going to be ruthless in defending their claims. You can do your own research on California’s lemon laws and test the lawyer’s knowledge by asking questions based on your research.


 The Los Angeles lemon lawyermust also be available at flexible hours to answer any questions you have about the case. If the lawyer only takes phone calls during the morning hours or mainly during the late evening hours, this is not a good choice because problems come up throughout the day and you want to know that he will offer decent meeting hours. This is why you shouldn’t choose a lawyer who has a lot of clients.


 Another thing to consider is the cost of the lawyer’s services. The initial consultation with the lawyer will be free, but after you hire the lawyer you will pay legal fees. You should ask the lawyer what fees and services are specifically included in the overall cost. This gives you an idea of what you will pay him if you win the case. Beware of lawyers who charge excessively high fees, and you can research the average price lawyers charge for services.

Internet Research Resources

 Here are tips on choosing good Internet research resources for locating a Los Angeles lemon lawyer. One good place to go is the California State Bar Association’s website because you’ll find a listing of licensed lawyers who specialize in consumer law. Another good online resource is Internet referral services. Here you can read reviews and ratings from lawyers’ former clients.

Beware of Fraudulent and Gimmicky Lawyers

 You may see gimmicky ads on TV and on the radio and while the lawyers on these commercials claim to offer quality services without paying heavy lawyers’ fees, you should be careful because these lawyers are often shady in their practices. This applies to lawyers who put up large billboard ads with fake testimonials. If you are suspicious about a certain lawyer, you should visit the Better Business Bureau’s website and look for any complaints that were filed against him.

Does This Lawyer Have Professionalism?

 A good Lemon Lawyer in Los Angeles will also show professional behavior at all times. He will appear at important hearings and meetings on time and will also stay away from harassing the defendants and their lawyers. The lawyer will also make sure that he gathers all of your documents and research in order to win the case. If a lawyer is constantly disorganized and doesn’t understand the ins and outs of your case, he isn’t a good choice.

Hire a Lawyer Who Represents Primarily Plaintiffs

 This is important because you don’t want a lawyer who is always trying to get you to see the defendant’s side of things. You should work with a lawyer who is on the same page with you and who understands lemon law cases from the plaintiff’s point of view. This makes the case easier and you will have a better chance of winning the case.


A good Los Angeles lemon lawyermay take effort and help from loved ones to find, but it’s possible. Without the assistance of a good lawyer, you could lose out on compensation and you’ll experience extra stress. At the same time, you should consider what the legal assistants and paralegals can do for you. Sometimes, the help you could get from these non-lawyers are substantial, thus playing an important role in the direction of the case. You could save a lot of money by making use of them instead of hiring lemon lawyers.