Recently Antivirus Software King John McAfee had a networth that was well over 100 million, but it has since dropped drastically to less than tem million dollars. Most of his investments were tied up in luxury high end properties and when the economy went sour this was one of the first markets to go belly up. I don't feel bad for John McAfee as his net worth is still around 10 million dollars. Even though John McAfee is still rich he obviously will have to make some changes in his life. While we are not rich by any means, at least I am not rich yet, it does beg the question of do you really need all your stuff?

John McAfee may have to get rid of some stuff but what can we do as regular people to help conserve our money? DO we need to waste all out money on frivolous items?

Do we really need another big screen TV? In the old days there was one TV in a household. Now most houses have at least 3 TVs in it. If you have purchased a huge big screen TV for your living room and want one for your bedroom then you need to ask yourself if it is really worth it. You may enjoy watching the large screen in your room but in a few short years that TV will be outdate drastically as 3D TV's begin to take over.

Is it worth it to spend $1,400 or more on a TV that you will probably only use for a few years? What is you took that $1,400 and saved it up, or invested it in something that would make you money?

Take a look at what you already own anytime you are considering purchasing something new. Do you really need the item? Can you live without the item? What could you better spend your money on?

If you ever want to get rich then you need to quit wasting money. What if instead of purchasing a big screen TV you instead decided to buy a bulk lot of wholesale items that you can resell on EBay and make a big profit? That is just one idea. Take your money you want to spend on items that are truly not important such as a second big screen TV, and then invest it somehow in a way that will make you money.

If you write for InfoBarrel then you can take that $1,400 you would spend on the big screen TV and instead buy $1,400 worth of custom written articles. If you spend say $7.00 per article then you can have around 200 pieces of custom articles that you now own the full rights to. You publish all of these on InfoBarrel and then those 200 articles will continue to earn you extra money each month for the rest of your life.

Use your imagination and invest in stuff that will make you money as opposed to simply buying a second large screen TV when the little one still works just fine.