Simple Ways to Make Money Online

    There are many people who make money online. Some earn a few dollars of additional cash each month. Others earn substantially or at least say they do. In these hard times any additional income source, large or small, is very welcome for many people. There are many and varied ways to earn online income in one's spare time. Some of these methods are relatively easy. Some take more time and effort.

     Placing Adds on Blogs or Websites For several years now it has become common practice for people to strategically place Adsense Ads on blog or website pages. Many people earn a little now and again. The downside is that readers have to click the ads to make money and individual clicks do not earn a lot. You need a site to rank high in the search engines, so people will find it and thus read the content and possibly click on an ad. This does take some effort and trial and error to reach top listings. The other problem with Adsense ads is that an advertiser must accumulate $100.00 in earning before he or she gets paid. For most people this takes a good while. There is a more recent player. Chitika puts similar ads on a site and can be placed on the same sites that also display Adsense ads. At this time this author has little personal experience with Chitika, but their big advantage is if you have a Paypal account they will pay once the advertiser has earned $10.00. This makes it easier for the average person to see some quick profit, even if it is small.

     Other ways to advertise to earn from Blogs and Websites In addition to displaying ads from places like Google Adsense and Chitika, there are other ways to make money from web pages. Banner ads placed on top of a page can be successful revenue generators producing commissions for an advertiser from product sales. However, there is another tactic that can be somewhat more lucrative. Find one or more business owners who sell products or services that are related to the topic of your site or blog. Charge them a few dollars to display their ad and show it prominently on your site. This is potential regular income. But be careful not to charge too much unless you are sure the ad is making money for that business.  

     Affiliate Programs One of the more common ways to make money online is by joining and promoting affiliate opportunities and products. These abound throughout the Internet. Many products you buy online, you can promote and earn commissions from sales. Some of the more popular affiliate programs are Clickbank and, in those states that do not charge tax on Internet purchases, Amazon is an excellent affiliate program With Amazon one only has to accumulate $10.00 in commissions to get paid. Again you need a blog or website to promote these products.

     How to Make Money Online without a Website or Blog Do you have a skill that can be useful to blog owners? Before you say "no" think about this one. Can you write a decent non-fiction, informational article of around 400-500 words? If you can, you should be able to make some money in your spare time. Many blog owners do not write their own content. They out-source it. Usually the going price for an article is around $5.00. But this is immediate cash. You do need to write the way to buyer wants you to and produce good quality products. Just writing a couple articles a day can add some extra dollars to your budget and this is guaranteed income, if you do a good job. For example writing two articles a day and earning $%.00 for each is no great sum, but it adds up. Ten dollars a day for 30 days is $300.00. For many people that is great extra income. Now you want to know where to find people looking for you to write articles for them. There are a number of places. One of the most recommended and searched these days is a site called Fiver. Fiver will charge you $1.00 for every $5.00 order you receive, but it is a well recommended site and a lot of people look there to find writers. But Fiver is not limited to ads from writers. Do you have Internet skills you can market, such as setting up a blog? Someone might pay you to set up their Blog. Go to that site and see what people are advertising there and what you could do to get some extra income.  

     How to Make Even More Online Income from Your Articles In the past people have written informative articles to generate back-links to their websites and blogs. They still do. And many of these articles are placed in Article Directories that allow the author to place links to their relevant articles or sites to build traffic. Gradually some sites evolved that provided payment to authors, sometimes in place of links to their sites. However, many of these were difficult to use or at least members found them difficult when trying to generate much online income.  

     A Promising Relative Newcomer Appears to Provide Better Returns for Article Writers This author has recently learned about this program and feels it is a good opportunity to make some extra money with reasonable effort. During 2008 a new information article site launched that allows authors to earn from their articles as well as promote links in the bio boxes at the end of the articles. They have an open payment policy and focus on quality articles. This is a way to promote an individual's web site or blog or other opportunity and make more than $5.00 for an article over time. Although they do not pay an author directly, they place relevant Adsense and Chitika ads on the page with the article and the author gets most of the income when someone clicks on an ad. They also place Amazon ads on some pages and give the author most of that commission. They do place some ads that are used to support their business expenses, and this income is not given to the authors. This company is focused on quality writing, which will keep them in good standing where they need it. Many people are making more from articles placed on this site than they do from writing for others. And the income can be generated over and over. This site has received many good reviews and is growing rapidly. An author can write about anything that is acceptable for general audiences. Right now this site is a "hidden find," because many people have not heard of it yet. But as the word gets out it may well start to out rank some of the better known article sites.

     So, what is this exciting site?  The program is called Info Barrel and I feel is a very promising find. If it does what people say it does, it will help provide extra income for many people who are struggling during this economic slump.

     In summary, we have talked about several ways to make some additional money via the Internet. One of the most common ways is to place ads on a website or blog. Banners can also be used to advertise products, including affiliate products. Paid ads on your sites from relevant businesses is another way to make online income. We have also discussed advertising article writing and other Internet related skill on places like Fiver. And finally we have introduced very promising, relatively new resource, Info Barrel, which does not require a website to earn some money.