It seems like there are no jobs everywhere you turn but in all reality there are it's just you need to be educated in order to get them. So you want to go to college but you are not sure where to start when it comes to the money?

I know I have talked to many people and most have no idea how the process really works in order to get government aid to go to college. There are grants, student loans, and even scholarships that are available to many of us and each year it all changes.

I want to suggest first and foremost if you are thinking about going to college I would first start out by going to the FREE goverment website where you can fill out a free application called a FAFSA. Go here to see that site.

Next I would start the adventure of either checking out online colleges and or universities. Or you can always go on some road trips as well and visit some schools that your are interested in going to. I say take your time with this part and if you do make the choice to go online make sure the college is national accredited and will accept loans and or grants as options in order to pay.

After you have accomplished these few goals than a choice will be made from you where, when, and how you are gonna pay for this new educational cost. After filling out the free FAFSA you could also search online for free scholarships as well as other private loan options as well.

Starting the goal of going to school can be a good experiance but keep in mind a few things as you take this journey. Number one make a choice based on your own no one else. You are more likely to suceed if you make the choice yourself. Ask questions throughout the whole process no matter if it is about what books to use for a certain class or any costs invovled as well. In the end going back to school can be a positive thing in your life as well as anyone in your circle but please keep in mind the goal is to learn and become more of whom you want to be and get out of life what you put into it.