Are you are working long hours possibly  6-days a week?  Have you  done this for several months and you are constantly tired?  If you are working those hours and days, it is very possible to just get burned out.  The body can only handle so much.  Then if you do not take time to rest,  it might just give out on your.


If you are not average a good night’s sleep each night, it is possible that you need a break  .  Sleep is so vital to our bodies.  Sometimes we do not care for our bodies properly and run them like they are a machine.  When you think about it, even a machine needs to rest sometime or another.  


I once talked to a woman who owned her own business.  I asked her , “It must be nice when you go on vacation?”  She replied, “ I haven’t been on vacation in years.”  I asked,” Why not.”  She stated, “Her husband did not have anyone that he could really trust to manage the business if he took a vacation.”  I thought  to myself,” That must be a miserable existence to have your own business and not be able to take a vacation.    It kind of defeats the purpose.    You would think that everyone would be able to have time away from their business to renew themselves and become fresh again. If you cannot remember the last time that you were on vacation,   something wrong with that picture.


If you are irritable most of the time and become agitated quickly, you might need a vacation.  The stress of life can sometimes become just too much. It is good to work, but sometimes all work and no play can make for a miserable you.

Type of Vacation

Only you can decide what type of vacation you might want to take.  Taking a vacation does not necessarily mean that you need to travel out-of-town or out of the country.  Sometimes just having time away from the business to get rested is all you need to get back on that cutting edge.  With some it might be a  week with others maybe just a couple of day.  It varies with everyone.  I have  heard of people who take 1 vacation a year.  Then I have heard of those that take several vacations a year.   Wouldn’t that be great to take 4 o r 5 vacations a year?   Just imagine.  So when was your last vacation?  Do you think that you need one?


Personal experience