Most new internet marketers find themselves cash strapped but still want to create a serious income on the internet. If you find yourself in this position, there is no need to worry. You can easily sign up as an affiliate marketer, and promote other websites for a nice commission. Better yet, there are plenty of ways to create an income as an affiliate marketer on a shoestring budget.

Article Marketing
The most popular and simplest budget technique for affiliate marketers is the `article marketing strategy. To be successful with this strategy, you must write several high quality articles pertaining to a specific topic, and then submit them to high quality article directories. I suggest creating articles that are a minimum of 500 words, and are purely informative. The more articles that you post, the more successful your affiliate marketing campaign will be. This is because you will be allowed to place your affiliate link at the bottom of each article. If your article has presold the product well enough, a reader will click your affiliate link and sign up immediately.

Write An Ebook
A great way to get your message out to the public on a limited budget is through the creation of a free eBook containing your affiliate links. Take the time to create an ebook that is extremely informative, and filled with pure content. You want a book that readers will freely share with their friends. Above all, don’t make the mistake that many affiliate marketers make. Don’t make your eBook a sales page for the product that you are promoting. The goal is to have the ebook become viral. In order to accomplish this, the reader should be amazed that you are offering so much information for free.

You can begin seeding the internet with your free ebook by uploading it to free giveaway sites, offering it on forums in your niche or even joint venturing with other marketers. Many internet marketers will offer this is a bonus to their products or just email it out to their list as a free gift. That is why it is so important to create an ebook that has real value and quality content.

Example: A marketer that is promoting a tomato growing tool would have better luck creating a book about tomatoes (not about the tool itself). Within the book you can explain how this specific tool made tomato growing easier, and then offer a link to the product.

Facebook Fanpage Marketing
Facebook has added numerous features that can be a great help to affiliate marketers on a budget. By creating a Fanpage, you can stay in touch with thousands of buyers.

Avoid creating one generic fanpage where you sell all of your affiliate products. You must have a separate fanpage for each specific niche that you are working in. By keeping your list laser targeted, you will find that it will be much more valuable to you.

As with most affiliate marketing strategies, it’s best to try the subtle approach. You should create your fan page around a topic, and not a specific product. A fan page with constant content and real reader interaction will always create better results than one that is focused solely on selling the customers on a specific product.

Example: To promote a tomato growing tool, an affiliate marketer would create a Fanpage entitled “How To Grow Healthy Tomatoes” or “How To Grow Tomatoes In Florida”. The marketer would then direct traffic from their ebook and article marketing efforts directly to this fanpage. The marketer would then stay in contact with the list members by regularly providing them with high quality tomato growing content, and occasionally offering affiliate products that would improve upon their tomato growing experience.

Starting a profitable online business without your own website is an extremely viable strategy. This is a great technique for new marketers that are low on capital or would prefer to first test out the waters. Once your internet marketing experience and income increases, you should begin to invest in your own website and marketing tools to help increase revenues even more.