I remember the days when I was listening to make sure that a particular sound was coming from my computers internal speaker every time that I turned it on. That sound was a dial tone and then a pause then a continuous ringing sound similar to a fax transmission going through the phone lines and then silence, that’s when you knew you were online and ready to surf the World Wide Web.

You would be surfing along and come upon some new sight with pictures and graphics and it seemed like it would take forever to load the page on your screen. Downloading some program, a movie, etc., was like, “man, how long is this going to take? I’ll go watch a movie and come back later and still not done. I remember if it was late I would go to bed and leave my computer on and hope that it wouldn’t get stuck while the download was in progress. As for uploads forget it…was there even uploading then?

Today, the technology is vast. Anything that you can think of or that you need to know, it can be found by searching for it on the internet for it and at lightning speed.  You can see what you want, hear what you want, touch (on the touch screen), what you want and I’m pretty sure they are coming out with, smell what you want. If you have the right mixture of components you can pretty much do anything on the Internet without getting your browser stuck, slow page loads, online gaming lag and other issues in regards to speed.

So what do you need to efficiently surf the web nowadays, play online games with the speed and stealth to conquer your opponents or whatever you are doing and do it smoothly.

  • You’ll need a decent computer with a fast processor and a good amount of memory, a decent graphics card, helps with visuals, and a good sound system if you are a music fanatic. You can usually purchase a good name brand all in one system at a good price. Buy for $399.00 and up. Make sure, whether Desktop or Laptop, that it has a network card installed, most computer come with these installed.
  • Next, you will need an ISP (internet service provider) you’ll apply and pay a monthly service fee. Also, there are package bundles where you get phone, Cable TV and Internet together for one price. Prices vary.
  • Then you’ll need a modem acting as a gateway to the World Wide Web. The faster the technology the better, DOCSIS 3.0 would suffice, even if you ISP didn’t support it yet, they will in the near future to keep up with their competitors and you’d be ready. Another advantage would be that all of the best DOCSIS 3.0 modems are backwards compatible and would pull down the best speeds from whatever level of internet service you are paying for. You can buy for $50.00-$100.00.
  • You also have the option to go wireless if you want, if so, you’ll need a wireless router $50.0-$100.00 your desktop or laptop will need a wireless network card, usually comes with it.
  • Note: Your ISP can furnish you with a standard modem for a lease charge of $4-$7 and up per month. I would not recommend this as they will supply you with an outdated slower modem that could intermittently drop your connection. Plus you’ll save the monthly fee.

When and if you think about all of the above technologies and I mean old and new, you almost always end up thinking in the direction of, how fast. How fast will or can this be downloaded, what’s the upload speed, how fast is my internet connection or how many milliseconds does it take for your webpage to load etc. Well, I’ll tell you…you will not have to worry about speed for a while. Unless, of course the Internet becomes over crowded like our freeways.

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