There is no secret to losing weight.

Keeping track of weight loss

If you are unhappy with your weight, then give serious thought about whether you really want to change that. If you think that you will never lose weight, and that you will always be overweight, then that kind of thinking needs to change first.

By now, you may have watched the Biggest Loser on television.  People who are seriously overweight have finally decided to do something about it.  They have taken the first step, exposed themselves, complete vulnerability, for the world to see.  This takes a lot of courage but one that is necessary to make a difference.

If these people can do it, then why can't you?  The show has been on for enough seasons now that it is obvious what steps you need to take.  If they can do it, then so can you!  Follow the same pattern and don't dare give up.

Here are some of my observations of the key ingredients I have noticed show after show;

The Biggest Loser

  • Expose the truth, don't hide behind excuses
  • Support others and accept support
  • Start a fitness training plan
  • Start a diet plan
  • Cut out the junk food
  • Compete with others (competition is good)
  • Find one-on-one coaching
  • Commit to yourself and family
  • Persevere, don't give up
  • Realize that setbacks will happen
  • Think positively
  • Reward yourself at every milestone

Just about every person on the show experiences and applies these ingredients.  In the end, they all end up losing some serious weight.  They are happier and healthier and you can be as well.  When you decide that you really and truly want to lose weight then start by making a plan.  A plan that includes all the above ingredients to successfully lose weight.

Once you start to see some progress then imagine how good that is going to feel. You will be so encouraged that it will motivate you even more. Then you will really start to pick up the pace. You have to begin with the first step. You also have to realize, just like the show, that there will be some setbacks. But you must not give up. Do what it takes to make it happen.

Change the way you think about losing weight.

Now, let's get back to changing the way you think. When you think that you will never lose weight and that you will always be overweight then there is a good chance you will accept those thoughts. There is a good chance that you will give in to those thoughts and then find other reasons to support those thoughts. For example, I can't lose weight and if I try then who is going to help me? The pattern here is that you will most likely find all sorts of reasons which support your negative thoughts. We all do this from time-to-time with similar problems in life. We find reasons why we cannot succeed. We give in to those thoughts. We don't even attempt to do the reverse of that process. And that is where the key lies. You need to do the reverse of negative thinking to slowly, but surely, program yourself out of negativity. To program yourself towards success.

So how do you program yourself for success?  Its simple.  You do the same thing but feed your brain with positive thoughts.  For example,  today I am going to walk for 1/2 an hour.  Or, today I will skip all snacks and eat just fruits and vegetables for dinner.  This is the first step to re-programming your brain.  Doing this persistently, day in and day out, will slowly, but surely, force out the negativity and lead to success.  Positive thoughts lead to positive results.  Plain and simple.  Don't over think it.  Keep it simple.

An alternative source of healthy food to help you lose weight.(89194)

Start with one simple goal.  For example, fruits and vegetables for dinner.  I highly recommend you buy a little black book.  Plan what you want to do and record your successes and setbacks.  There are so many options available today to help keep you on track and make it fun.  For example, we have a Nintendo Wii gaming system at home and you can now buy The Biggest Loser for the Wii, among many other fitness choices.  It has all sorts of fitness routines and keeps track of your progress.  It costs a lot less than all that junk food sitting in the pantry, so it should be an easy choice.

Think about ways to overcome some of your biggest obstacles.  The more time you spend just thinking about how to solve a problem the greater the chance you will solve it.  For example,  I get so hungry somewhere between dinner and bedtime that I just cannot control myself and I need to snack.  How will I ever overcome this?  After a lot of thought, you might realize that one solution is to completely remove all of those bad snacks from your house.  Just do it!  It's for your own good.

In your little black book, write down what some of your biggest obstacles are.  List possible solutions to overcome those obstacles.  None of this will be a waste of time.  It will help you stay focused.  It will help you to think positively.  There are so many good reasons for doing this, that not doing it is a step backwards.  See my other article which discusses three steps to losing weight and keeping a checklist of all of your progress.  There is some great advice in that article to help you deal with part of the problem right where it begins, in you mind.

A clear indication that you have lost weight.

You will be happier when you start trying these things.  Going through this exercise of writing down what you will do is an affirmation.  It's a declaration to yourself about the positive steps you will take. Fill your mind with as many positive affirmations as possible.  Make it a daily exercise and work towards those affirmations.  If you continue to do this and focus on the positive, then the negative will go away, and you will reach your goals.