Ahh, the cartoons of the 80s. If you grew up in the 80s like I did you probably catch yourself subconsciously missing all the great 80s cartoons you watched as a kid. What you might not realize though is that there's a very good reason for this as well. So if your a "child of the 80s" and you happen to have kids of your own or are planning too, read on.

What was it about 80s cartoons?

Hope, good will, the ability to believe in yourself and look toward the future, having the spirit of heroism and kindness are all attributes that make the world as well as society a much better place to live. Cultivating these elements in our minds can help our lives improve as well and this is what was so great about cartoons in the 80s.

What our heroes did for us

Our favorite, brightly colored 80s cartoons were full of "good guys" and "heroins" extending their morality and hope onto the "down trodden" in every world that they existed in. No matter what the plight, our heroes conquered their obstacles and defeated the "bad guys" and "super villains" who were trying to make our world a miserable place. Our "heroes" wanted us to believe in ourselves, love our families and be kind to our friends. SheRa, HeMan, Rainbow Brite, Teddy Ruxpin, The Real GhostBusters, MoonDreamers and Ewoks were always there to help keep us on the straight and arrow with loyalty, love and respect for others.

We need to bring them back

We need to bring those times and influences back for our children, when HeMan was keeping Skeletor and the Evil Masters of the Universe from taking over Eternia with the help of BattleCat, ManOfArms and little Orco. And our environment was secure thanks to Captain Planet, J I Joe, Transformers, The Racoons and George Luca's Ewoks, who always kept their forests safe from the Duloks and other evil creatures on the forest moon of Endor. Unlike the current animation selection served for our children to watch, the cartoons we grew up with will encourage them to adopt a healthy dose of positive values. They'll get the idea to "think big" when it comes to doing good, while at the same knowing that even one person can make a major difference and we should help each other work together.

The only thing we'll have to do then to inspire and teach our children to beat a path to a better future is help keep them informed about finding solutions to the worlds problems and keep doing our part to make a difference ourselves.

You can make playlists of some of these cartoons on Youtube or you can order them online from Amazon, Netflix or Zip.ca. If they don't have them right away, send in your request to let them know there's a demand for these cartoons. Some of the more popular titles you want to look for are:

- HeMan

- SheRa

- ThunderCats

- Captain Planet

- Ewoks

- Smurfs

- The Real Ghostbusters

- The Racoons

- Care Bears

- Teddy Ruxpin

- J I Joe

- MoonDreamers

- My Little Pony

- Wuzzles

- Popples

- Astro Boy