One of the most intricate aspects of writing articles for money is targeting specific key-words. Some people never research keywords and others will spend too much time researching keywords. Many people are interested in researching key-words but they find the paid tools to research keywords out are either too expensive or they simply do not know how to use the tools effectively to get the right keywords. Here are some thoughts on the top mistakes people make when dealing with key-words

No Research or Too Much Research

Some people do not do any keyword research at all. The general consensus is if you want to improve your earnings then target specific keywords that do not have a lot of competition so you can rank easier in the search engines and get more traffic.

Other people will take too much time researching and then never follow-up. I see this situation happen a lot where someone will spend 20-40 hours doing key-word research and then never do anything with the words they gather. There is nothing wrong with spending the time doing the necessary keyword research as long as you use the keywords in articles. It can be a very profitable use of time but I see many people do key-word research and then never use the words. This is a waste of time.

The other side of the clock is people who never do keyword research. This is cool and works great as long as you write a lot of articles and make the articles interesting and informative for the end reader. If you simply make the articles interesting and something people will want to naturally share then you can earn a lot of money regardless of if you use keyword research or not.

Simple key-word Research


If you want to do key-word research so you can earn more money per article but do not want to invest much time in it then you can easily get keywords to use using a tool such as Jaaxy. Wordtracker is considered by many to be the ultimate keyword research tool for article writers but Jaaxy is cheaper and easier to use. Jaazy also has a free key-word research option with a limited amount of searches each month.

If you want the ultimate in keyword research tools then sign up for Wordtracker for a month and then use it heavily to create a list of low competition keywords that you can use to write articles with and make some money with.

Does Jaaxy and Wordtracker Actually Work?

Wordtracker is an amazing tool but I have not used it in over a year. Jaaxy is what I am using currently and I love it. Since I have implemented keywords in my InfoBarrel articles using Jaaxy I Have seen my earnings per article average increase drastically. This month I am on pace to earn over $1.15 on average for each of my articles. Yes keyword tools can work if used properly and I love Jaaxy because it is very simple to use their tool properly.

No Guarantee

Just because you use a keyword tool and implement the suggestions does not mean you are guaranteed to make money with any particular article you write. There are many cases where someone uses properly targeted keywords and get very little traffic to the article while other people can simply write an article with no targeted keywords and get a ton of traffic. Using a keyword tool will often increase the chances that your article will be much more profitable but it is by no means a guarantee.

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