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Stumble Upon is a an internet community much like Digg. The Stumble Upon browser application (browser app) lets internet surfers give any website(or page within) on the internet a Thumbs up Or Thumbs Down. If you choose to Stumble through the web (great way to spend an afternoon) you will be presented with a series of web pages that fit the categories that you set on your profile page. You can add friends and Stumble away. A toolbar version of Stumble Upon exists for Internet Explorer users as well as Firefox so everyone can have a great time Stumbling.

Quick facts: Stumble Upon used to be owned by eBay.(sold for $75 million) Stumble Upon is an independent investor backed start up. (I love those!) Stumble Upon is based on a collaborative filtering system.(Translation: You pick and choose what you want to see.)

The reasons that I mention Stumble Upon, you knew there was a reason, is because it seems to have a direct correlation with Google Page Rank. Digg doesn't seem to count for much but a real emphasis is being placed on content king's with the most pages stumbled. Don't believe me? Take a look:

Stumble Upon For Google Page Rank

It would seem from this experiment that Stumble Upon is the new voice for content writers. While Digg is well known as being a social media website it doesn't appear that the amount of DUGG links makes a difference in Google Page Rank. That's OK we still like Digg for other reasons.

 Stumble Upon Content King

Web surfers can be found using Stumble Upon in a variety of ways. With the browser app users can rate sites they like and sites they don't. Creating an all important democracy in the world wide web. Users who don't have the browser app installed can navigate to the Stumble Upon website and stumble through the submissions for the week. For the content writer this is HUGE. Your published content can be stumbled and viewed on merit instead of Google Page Rank.

If videos are your thing you can see them right on the Stumble Upon website. Stumble Upon is the place to see videos from You Tube, Metacafe, Google, and MySpace. Stumble Upon uses targeted advertising, (set up by the user) to send out weekly newsletters. These newsletters contain, recommended websites,(based on what other users liked) for the Stumble Upon user to view. Again, for the content provider, this is a huge way to market yourself.

What does all this mean for the content author? It means you should be Stumbling! Your friends, family and social networks should all be Stumbling. Chances are that if Stumblers like your content it can be emailed in mass in the weekly newsletter. What this means is it's free advertisement.

While I haven't seen any official reports that say Stumble Upon effects Google Page Rank it certainly can't hurt. I don't work for Google, and if Stumble Upon does have an effect Google would probably be upset with me for spilling the beans. All that being said, do the numbers lie? I mean a PR8 site has 29,537 Stumbles while a PR4 site only has 21! Come on people, we know what we have to do! Right? Start Stumbling!