Children Playing ShuffleboardCredit: Betty Asphy

Children Playing Shuffleboard

Your play may vary.   Have you ever sat back and just watched children at play?   Have you noticed how innocent that they are? It is awesome to see children at play.    I sat back one day and just watched my grandchildren playing.   They were playing mommy and daddy.   They took the baby and put her in her crib.   I noticed my granddaughter giving the baby to my grandson telling him to take care of the baby while she rode her bike.   It was interesting just watching their interaction as mommy and daddy.  

Have you ever actually played with your children.    Maybe you just tickle them. It is something to see them bursting with joy and laughter.     Maybe you play games with them.   I found out some of my grandchildren are diehard card players.   They love the Uno card game.  In fact, they taught me how to play it.  They seemed to love teaching me to play it.  I love learning from them.    You do know we can learn from children.

Credit: Betty Asphy

No matter how hard you work, you need some down time to play.   I have even played hop scotch with my children when they were young and now with my grandchildren.   They just love it. 

I  remember going by a friend's house one day in the summer time.  She went in the house for a moment as I got there.  Her grandson told me, “Me and my granny are playing kickball.”   I thought,  “How wonderful, because she was in her 70’s.   It just showed me playing and playfulness has no age limit.

Possibly you prefer video or online games.   That is fine.   You are still playing.   There are online chess games, dominoes, and even word games.   Games keep your mind active and this is a good thing.   

I marveled as I watched part of the Betty Davis celebration on television.  She celebrated her 90th birthday, but was still going strong on television.   She even in her recent television shots of   “Hot In Cleveland” was still very playful and very light-hearted.  She kept me laughing.   She is an example that you are never  too old, matured, or seasoned  to play.

Have you gone through life just thinking that play was just for kids only?  Do you believe that there is a kid in you somewhere?  Have you noticed how you feel when you play?   Isn’t it a good feeling?  Possibly a feeling of letting go of  some of your inhibitions?

Do you really believe the phrase that “ All work and no play makes jack a dull boy?”   Is there some truth to that old saying?  Just think about the children growing up that never seized the opportunity to play as children, but rather had to go to work to help their families.  Think of those that dropped out of school to work.  Have we become so career oriented and money hungry  that we never take time to play?  Possibly you say with your busy schedule there is no time to play.   Have you ever thought you are making a big mistake by not taking the time to play?   Just like you schedule everything at work, why not schedule some time for play?   Maybe you do not have as much time as you would like to play, but some time is better than no time at all.  There is enough stress in the world.  Why not add some play time.  During playtime have you noticed you will laugh?  Why not take the challenge?  Allow the new you to  make it a point to play today.