Have you ever had your power shut off for an extended period of time? It is a very uncomfortable feeling, both physically and emotionally. You are not dealing with just the physical element of being too cold or too hot, but you are suddenly faced with all of the things you have taken for granted up until this point. People who have never experienced a power outage just assume that the power coming out of the wall will remain there until the end of time. This is not the case, and when a disaster happens, you begin to think of alternative energy sources.

I have some family and friends across the pond that has been affected by recent coastal storms. Some were without power for a day, others were without power for a week, and as of this writing, some are still without power almost three weeks later. We were discussing the situation, and some were seriously thinking about adding alternative backup energy sources to their households.

The Benefits of Using Alternative Energy Sources

One of the most obvious reasons for using an alternative energy source is to preserve what you have. It is really a horrible feeling to go grocery shopping, only to have your food spoil and go rotten due to a power outage. I spend a lot of time online and cannot imagine not being able to log in to my computer, or watch television because my power is shut off.

If you like camping, you also need to think about alternative energy. I have lots of friends that like to take weekend excursions in their caravans, and they love the fact that most caravans are not manufactured so they do not need incoming electricity in order to operate. There are several different sources of alternative energy, and I am making my list to decide which one I plan to incorporate into my backup plan.

Propane Powered Generators

I own a generator, and even though I have only used it once or twice since I brought it, I can honestly say it was one of the best investments I have ever made. It was cheap, but is extremely efficient at what it needed to do. My house stayed warm, my kids were able to watch television, and we were able to have home cooked meals whilst the rest of the neighbourhood sat in the dark. Caravan owners use this type of energy, and I must agree with them, it is a great energy source. The only thing I did not like was the noise, but I will take noise over rotten food any day.

Solar Power

The jury is still out on this one as far as I am concerned. I really think it is a cool concept, because if you think about, the sun heats the earth, so the energy can be used in someone’s home too. As long as it is a sunny day, and your solar equipment is working properly, you have electricity. Once the sun goes down, you do not. The only plus side I can think of for me is that there is no maintenance involved. And, if you are mechanically challenged like I am, that is a plus all by itself.