Do You Want To Be Healthy, Or Just Not Sick?

It's getting harder and harder to be healthy these days.  

Everyday, it seems like more and more people are living with sickness.  Look around, people are getting bigger and taking more medication.  We're getting more stressed and the truly healthy people seem few and far between.

Why is this?  Why do we seem to be getting sicker?  Why are there so few healthy people?  And why is this becoming the new "normal?"

It's because very few us are consciously choosing to be healthy these days.  And by default, unfortunately, it seems that most of us are unconsciously "choosing" sickness.

But does anyone really want to be sick?  No.  But the idea of trying to improve our wellbeing and maximize our potential for health is a very foreign concept.  Most of us blindly stumble along, without much concern for our health.  Only when we run into a problem or some sort of health crises, do we take note.  We generally wait for something to go wrong with our health before we take action.  Then when the crisis is over, we go back to our old ways, usually until the next crisis.  For most of us, this is what we do.  This is human nature.

But there is a different way.  As opposed to waiting for sickness, why not choose health? Through a healthier lifestyle, we can create wellbeing.  We can consciously choose to move toward better health, and in the process, "move away" from sickness.  It's a hard concept for most people to wrap their head around, but when you start to experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, you will better understand this principle.  

By embracing a healthier lifestyle, you will most likely enjoy:

  • better energy
  • more mental clarity
  • better sleep
  • less stress
  • less pain
  • and a more positive out look.

But, to do this you need to make a conscious choice.  Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle, or an unhealthy one?  Do you really want to be healthy, or just not sick?  While it might not seem like a big difference between the two, the difference this decision can make to your long-term health and wellbeing is huge.  In fact, it might be the most important decision you ever make.

Choose wisely.


Do You Want To Be Healthy, Or Just Not Sick?