A popcorn machine, popcorn popper or microwave popcorn maker  is almost a fixture in many homes. Everybody loves popcorn and with the proper popcorn maker it is one of the easiest, trouble free  and economical snacks available.

Nothing is more inviting than the smell of fresh made popcorn and many households will prepare this treat 3 or more times a week. What could be better for an evening snuggled down with a good book, watching a favorite television program or getting involved in any number of sporting events that are now almost a daily occurrence on local TV stations and snacking on fresh popped popcorn..

The problem though is picking a well made, dependable, easy to use popcorn machine with the popcorn popper features you need at a price to fit the budget. There are a number of ways to prepare popcorn including the stove top, specialized popcorn poppers, microwave machines and models resembling those found in movie theaters.

The method you use will most likely depend on how often you eat popcorn, how large a batch  you need to prepare at any given time and the location of the machine. If you have a finished basement or family room where  a cart machine would be attractive then one modeled after the traditional cart style commercial machines mounted on wheels and made especially for the home might be your choice. This style would also work well for any organization such as a school or church that has need for preparing snacks at gatherings.

A replica of  a counter mounted popcorn machine based on the movie theater machines might also work well if you have a location where you could leave it set up and did not have to store it away when not in use.

Your situation might call for a light weight machine that is easily set up when needed and than stored away after use. Also decide if you want to prepare the popcorn in the kitchen or if you would rather Great Northern Popcorn Original Spinner Stovetop 6 1/2 Quart Popcorn PopperCredit: Amazonmake it right where it will be eaten in the front room, family room or perhaps on a porch or patio. There are many models that work in any of these situations. The problem is how do you choose the right one?

Strange Review Comments For Popcorn Machines

Unfortunately what we discovered when we began to review the available popcorn machines was that many of them received many glowing customer reviews but would also have a number of critical reviews. We noticed some common complaints including:

Machines arriving in damaged condition.
Models that were cheaply made with flimsy parts.
Heating units that failed after just a few uses.
Very poor customer service from some manufacturers.

This makes it difficult to recommend any particular machine. We feel that the only way to know for sure which is the best choice is to spend some time reviewing the customer comments. Pay close attention to the ratio of positive reviews to the negatives, You will have to read a little of both because sometimes you can spot occasions where a negative review was left by a customer who used the appliance in the wrong manner or used the wrong popcorn.

We noticed instances where there were over 500  positive reviews of four or five stars and yet a number of complaints from some customers. The only way to determine if one of these machines would be a good choice for you is to spend a little time researching the comments, both pro and con, and come to your own conclusion.

There are a number of benefits in choosing Amazon to do your research. First the Amazon site has the largest number of helpful customer reviews available for research and you will find both the good aNostalgia Electrics KPM-508 Vintage Collection Kettle Popcorn MakerCredit: Amazonnd bad. Customers are able to write their comments in any manner they choose offering their opinion which can give you a good amount of personal experiences to review .

Also Amazon not only has one of the largest listing of products to choose from but in most cases they offer the best discount prices and free super saver shipping on many models. Additionally they have some the most respected customer satisfaction guarantees available. Their return policy is one of the most generous of any online seller.

A Popcorn Machine Needs More Investigation Than Most Apppliances

In conclusion we recommend that you do not purchase your popcorn machine without first doing a little research. It is easily done on the Amazon website and you can get started right now by simply Clicking Here.