If you are keen on being your own boss and have muttered the words "I want to run my own business" then maybe this article may well help you.

A few years ago I was struggling to make ends meet whilst working long hours at a local factory. The money was OK, it paid the bills, but I wanted to really cut my hours and do my own thing.

So without waffling on and boring you senseless with a long story here is what I did in 5 simple steps:

1. Take a look around your local area and check out your local papers for p/t cleaning jobs.

This is how I started. I scoured the papers, got myself a simple 2-3 hour a week cleaning job. This way you learn the ropes, the standards and the company that takes you on foots all the costs. It's a great way to start and then you are on to step 2.

2. Once you have 1 cleaning job, you use it to get more!

You could place a simple advert on a postcard and put it up in any or all of your local stores that allow advertising or do what I did and did this. I placed an order with Vista Print and bought myself 200 postcards essentially advertising my cleaning services! It cost very little to do and they looked like this:


3. Get Active With Your Marketing...and start small!

Armed with my postcards (100) I decided to put them through the letter boxes of some quite nice and decent looking homes in my area and around 30 small businesses on trading estates.

Don't go for absolutely huge houses or massive businesses because at this stage, you simply will not be able to do it. So start small. I worked on the basis that 4 hours walking around my town was time well spent. I have done this now in 3 similar size towns (10,000 population) and I placed just 100 cards out. I usually get 3-5 enquiries and out of that I usually get 2-3 new contracts. With each contract being worth around $50 a week, you can see that this is time well spent

4. Ask For Referrals!

The absolutely best way to get new business without having to do the street walking or small advertising is to ask for referrals. Simply ask your client to pass your business details to their friends, family or in the case of a small business owner (they know loads of similar small business types), ask them to help you. They nearly always say yes.

5. Be reliable and do a good job

Obviously, this is key to any business. Cleaning needs to be looked at differently. It can be symbolic of any business model. It is a repeat business, it is scalable and can lead to may other great business opportunities. Start small, repeat and be reliable and do a good job and your simple small part time business can easily with a bit of time and effort grow into a great income.

Yes, it is physical and you can get tired, but you are the boss and earning your own money for your own efforts is a great feeling. I managed to trade my factory job of long hours and became my own boss within 12 months. Cleaning is a great business to be in and as long as you do a good job, the rewards will definitely follow.