Many products are being sold with a Money Back Guarantee, that promises you to get a refund if you aren't satisfied with the product you have bought.
But is such a Money Back Guarantee enough? Time is Money! Should you instead (or in addition) have a Time Guarantee that compensates you for your wasted time?

I was driving in my car, listening to a local radio station, when I heard a journalist interviewing a pastor from a local church. The church offered a Time Guarantee!

The pastor promised all who would join at the service in the church on the coming Sunday that they would not waste their time while participating in the church. If they found the ceremony, the sermon, the songs, or the whole church experience a boring waste of time, then they would get the Time Guarantee, and all they had to say was that they could have used the time of the service at the church (the one and a half hour) in a better way.

The Time Guarantee came with a no question asked policy, and as a compensation the complainant could order a free one and a half hour of work in the house or the garden. It could be almost anything, such as house cleaning, small paint jobs, cutting the grass, car wash, etc.
The job would be done through local help by some of the people who belonged to the faithful kernel of the parish. This local help force was already in place, organized as charity workers, who apart from being volunteers in the Time Guarantee project also did local help to elderly in the neighborhood.

At first I believed that this was a joke. But then I realized how splendid an idea this was for all. And I began to speculate whether such an idea could be implemented in a modified way in different business areas. Then (Eureka!), it struck my mind that this would solve an irritating and annoying situation I experience once in a while:

When I (by mistake) order some products that turns out to be a complete waste of money, then I am not even satisfied if I am compensated through a Money Back Guarantee, instead what I really, really want is a Time Guarantee! Because what I really want is the time back that I have wasted.

The situation could be that I had bought an e-book that was written in a way that (for me) didn't make sense.
Let us assume that the e-book was about the design of a website, or how easy it was to make a small video out of a Power Point presentation.
And let us also assume that the seller had promised me a Money Back Guarantee because he claimed that this would be so extremely easy if the instructions in the e-book was followed.

But (for me) it didn't work, so I claimed my money back in accordance with the with a no question asked policy of the Money Back Guarantee. And let us assume that I got my money. However, it would only be fair, if I also got my wasted time back! And if it really was so easy, then it ought to be a piece of cake for the seller to give me free of charge a sample of the design, video, or whatever the promised product was.

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