Are dreams trying to tell us something?  Some people believe so, others believe they are nothing more than random thoughts and images shaped by the events of the day. While it is possible that they hold no meaning whatsoever, it is far more likely that some, if not all dreams are a means of communication from our subconscious. 

How can dreams foretell the future?

     As we go throughout our day, our senses are continuously scanning our surroundings and taking in far more information than is possible for our conscious mind to process. For example, when looking for a pen on a crowded desktop, your eyes will seek out only the pen.  While you will see everything there, you will automatically dismiss everything that is not a pen.  Once you've located it, you will consciously forget everything else you saw.  If you later need something like a stapler that you saw there, your mind can usually call up a memory of where you last saw it. 

     In a similar way, the mind processes everything that is seen, heard or felt and stores it all. The mind is often compared to a computer, and like a computer, it is constantly processing the data entered.  Dreams that foretell the future may simply be the results of the mind processing information about something important to you.   All information received and stored throughout the day is reviewed, analyzed and projected based on probabilities, then presented as a dream showing the most likely outcome. The practice of sleeping on a problem is due to the common knowledge that it will often resolve itself during the night. 

Is it possible to control your dream to sove a specific problem?

     Unlike a computer, the subconscious does not always work on the problem you choose.  It may be possible to direct your mind towards a specific area of concern by concentrating on it before you go to sleep.  It may take a few nights before it works, or it may not work at all if your subconscious decides something else is more critical.  If it's something important to you, keep  trying and eventually your subconscious will get the message and begin to focus on your particular problem.

Can dreams really predict the future?      

      The accuracy of any predictive dream is based entirely on the quantity and quality of the information received. Another factor of course, is the quality of the dream's interpretation.  The conscious mind normally uses words, the subconscious uses symbols.  There is no need to run out and purchase a dream dictionary, or look for a website.  The symbols used may occasionally be universal, but most often, they  are unique to the individual.  You need to consider the dream in its entirety and review the objects that stand out most clearly.  What do they mean to you personally?  How do they fit in with each other?

     How do you even know which dreams are trying to tell you something and which are the result of too much to eat or drink before bed?  Most dreams are quickly forgotten once you wake up.  In my own experience, those with meaning usually don't fade in the daylight, but linger in the mind to be reviewed and studied.  In order for these dreams to be of any help to you, you must take them seriously. 

Sample Dream

     As an example, I once had a dream that gave a clear message.  Unfortunately, I did not pay much attention to it until it was too late to avoid the problem predicted. The dream was as follows; I was sitting under a shade tree on a sunny day.  As I sat there, there was a wolf approaching from one side, and a bear approaching from the opposite side.  They were each coming at a gallop, trying to reach me first.  Surrounding the tree was green grass on all sides.  As each animal hit the ground, the grass disappeared and was replaced with dead grass and dirt.  As they got closer, it was as if circles of desolation were converging upon me.  Both the bear and wolf reached me at the same time and leaped at me with fangs ready.  I woke up at that moment and thought it just a weird dream.

     At that point in my life, I was trying to make a choice between two options which would greatly affect my future.  Consciously, I was weighing the outcomes of each choice and trying to decide between them.  What my subconscious was telling me in its own way, is that both choices were losers.  I didn't pay attention, made my choice and of course, desolation followed.  I had made my decision after much thought, and yet I was wrong.  I also know that the other choice would have had the same result.  Had I listened to my dream, I would have chosen neither option and instead considered other possibilities.

In Conclusion

     It was after living in desolation for awhile that I remembered the dream and realized what it was trying to tell me.  Since then, I've considered my dreams much more carefully.  The important thing to realize is that all dreams are not messages, and that even the dreams that are, are not the definitive answer to everything.  The subconscious mind can only process the information it has available.  While it can give excellent guidance based on the known data, it should not be taken as the only answer. Take it into serious consideration, but only as part of a possible solution.  Ultimately, whatever your dreams may tell you, only you can make your decisions and live with the consequences of your choices.