Modern Italian furniture is the epitome of elegance and style. Clean, sophisticated lines combined with innovative design characterizes this striking furniture. Anyone looking to refurnish a tired, boring home should look at examples of modern Italian furniture. Redecorating in this style will invigorate and revitalize the home, and instill it with a breezy Italian villa ambiance. Purchasing even a few pieces will update and refresh the whole house.

For the dining room, the sweeping curves or strong block shapes of tables and chairs are eye-catching and distinctive without being fussy or overly detailed. Colors are simple and often bold, but chic. Black, white and red are a frequent combination. For example, a red dining table with black chairs makes an audacious statement. Tables are constructed of many materials, from the traditional wood finishes or lacquered finishes to stone and aluminum. Pleasing designs and inventive combinations bring a wonderful harmony to modern Italian furniture.

modern furnituremodern furniture

Glass is utilized often in modern Italian furniture. An oval tempered glass dining table may be set on a pedestal which appears to be more sculpture than furniture. The pedestal may be metal or wood, linear or curved, but these tables, perhaps paired with red chairs on a black rug, are absolutely breathtaking. Some tables are constructed completely of glass, including the legs, which brings a spatial dimension of lightness to any room.

The dining chairs are of deceptively simple design. Constructed of leather and aluminum, or upholstered in fabulous fabrics in a range of trendy colors from red to taupe, these chairs are comfortable yet beautiful, in the modern Italian furniture custom. Whether in a rectangular design, or a curvy silhouette, these chairs will complement any setting.

In living rooms, the elegant simplicity of leather sofas takes pride of place. Hand-crafted sofas with comfort-centered details such as individual adjustable backrests and headrests are made from top-quality leather. Long and sleek, or plump and deep-there are many styles from which to choose. Modern Italian furniture is visually exciting and elegant, yet warm and comfortable, inviting anyone who enters to sit and relax.

High-tech platform beds with soft lighting incorporated into the design, and in a variety of colors, enhances and complements the décor of the room. A multitude of finishes invites the eye to linger sensually on the bed, and enjoy the sensory experience of color and style.

Beds of unique design include those which appear to be floating in air, an illusion that lends a certain airiness to the space, and perhaps a subconscious thought of sleeping on clouds. Extra-large padded leather headboards are another unique feature, perfect for drinking coffee while reading the Sunday papers.

Many bed designs in the modern Italian furniture line include pieces upholstered in Italian leather, for an opulence guaranteed to delight those who love exquisite pieces. Others, while maintaining the luxury look, are minimalist in design, unobtrusive and low to the floor.

In the bedroom, functionality melds with design to create the ultimate in beauty. Built-in under-bed storage is invisible to the naked eye, yet enhances the space in the room and is highly functional. Many beds are available with matching night-stands to increase the beauty and usability of the piece.

Of course, there are many other beautiful and unusual nightstands. Various styles include those with drawers, and those with open shelves. Some are cubes, others chests, while still others have a sculptural element in their design. Two wooden triangular prisms joined at the point form a bedside table that is an eye-catching accent for any room. Another unique design is a wall-mounted nightstand with a drawer and glass shelf as well as the tabletop. This provides abundant storage room with low visual impact and a small footprint. It's perfect for a small area, or one who prefers plenty of open space in the room.

Modern Italian furniture includes other bedroom pieces such as dressers and armoires. These, like the other pieces mentioned, are a wonderful blend of function and art. Dressers are a necessary furnishing in a bedroom, but these are beautiful beyond their use. A sculptural quality is noted in the design, although, again, the lines are clean and unadorned. No fussy details, just pure beauty. Dressers are available in colors such as white and black as well as wood finishes from cherry to beech and black ashwood.

Armoires constructed with flawless craftsmanship take their place in the room with as much flair as the other pieces. The fluid lines and sophisticated opulence of this modern Italian furniture inspire tranquility and serenity in the bedroom retreat. In one armoire, stainless steel accents against chocolate brown leather is a look that stands alone, complements the matching platform bed, or blends well with other contemporary pieces. Other armoires are constructed of top-grade wood, and finished in dark chocolate.

Mirrors have many uses in the home, and are found in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, hallways, and living rooms. A mirror can be useful for grooming, as in a bathroom or entry way, or it can function as a design element in reflecting existing light in a dark room. Or it can simply be a beautiful work of art.

Many stunning designs are found in modern Italian furniture showrooms. Like many of the furniture pieces, there is a distinctly artistic flair to be seen in these mirrors. From a mirror comprised of vertical strips set at angles to an irregular hexagonal mirror with beveled edges to a leather framed oval, there is a mirror that will fit into the décor of any room.

Modern Italian furniture is intriguing, classy and yet essentially functional. Pure elegance is a hallmark of this style, as is comfort and livability. Liven up a weary and tedious home by investing in some modern Italian furniture today.