Marble nail art is one of the most popular ways to style your nail polish today. This attractive and extra ordinary way of displaying your nails is generally performed in nail salons for a hefty sum. Believe it or not there is an easy way to get this extremely awesome look at home with several rather easy steps.

If you happen to do at home manicures or pedicures, more than likely you already have all the supplies you need to do this special trick with nail polish. With the exception of a small glass bowl and water, check your closet for the supplies.

You will need; nail polish colors(at least two different solid colored polishes), cotton swabs, Qtips, one white nail polish or other pale base shade, scotch tape, nail polish remover, water, small clear bowl, toothpick, clear nail polish, accessories like stickers if desired

Preparation make certain all of your nail polish lids are loose and easy to remove. Put towel or paper towel down in work area to catch any mess. Nail polish is difficult to remove from any cloth towels. Therefore, using a paper towel is a better choice for most people.

Have a work area with space to move freely to prevent spills and accidents while you use the nail polish.

Step one

Paint your nails with your  base color nail polish. Use white as a base color or other pale shade. This is necessary to show the extreme contrast of the marbled nail art when you finish. Let nail polish dry completely before starting next step.

note: Having more than one coat of base coat works best for a number of reasons. It will stand out more against your nail design and is less likely to chip.

Step two

Add scotch tape to each finger. The scotch tape will go from the tip of your cuticle to the first knuckle. Wrap around finger to cover it from front to back.

Step three

Fill bowl three-fourths full of water. Have a large enough bowl to insert finger flatly from tip to knuckle. Additionally, make certain the bowl is large enough to swirl colors to desired design.

Having water room temperature is very important. If water is too cold or too hot nail polish will not set correctly. It will sink to the bottom of the bowl or not separate correctly for marbling design effect.

The nail polish will ruin your bowl. use a plastic one you will not mind throwing away

Step four

Put one drop of colored nail polish in bowl. Do not let nail polish brush touch water. Apply a drop of the second nail polish directly on top of first one. If you have more colors, apply each one drop at a time inside of the previous nail polish.

Note-glitter polish does not work well. Solid colors give best results.

Step five

When you have added all of your colored nail polish to the water, use your toothpick to make a design. The polish will be sitting in a circle.

Pull one side of your circle through the center of the circle to the other side. Continue pulling the outside of your circle through the center to the other side to form a design.

Move slowly to form intricate designs. Make certain the polish is sitting on the top of your water. If polish sinks, the marble design will not work.

Use toothpick to swirl paint into the format you want. One of the best methods is to insert toothpick and draw a line through your circle first.  Slowly swirl without mixing colors into a solid mass where you are not able to see each one separately. Stop when you have the desired design for your nails.

Step six

Insert each finger one by one into bowl until colors adhere to nail. You can lay finger flatly (horizontally) or you can dip finger nail (horizontally). Both will create the marbled nail design. Always dip one finger at a time for best results. Fingernail will have color added after a few seconds in the water. Remove from bowl.

Each nail will have the marble nail art from the tip of nail to bed. Continue with each finger on both hands. If you use the entire contents of colors in your bowl before both hands are painted, repeat steps four and five as much as needed until you have done all ten fingers.

Keep your nails in the water long enough to have the color design removed from the water surface and set to your nail. This will typically only take a few minutes. This means you will need enough polish to possibly repeat designing with water several times or more to finish all ten digits.

Note-even though you use the same paints to make the design, every nail is slightly different. This is why marbled art designing is so attractive.

Step seven

Remove tape from each finger. You can do this with or without nails being dry. Removing the tape immediately prevents any water from tape dripping on your nails before marbled polished look is completely dry. Water dripping will ruin your design.

Step eight

Let color dry completely and then apply any accessories. Accessories are things like stickers or glitter. Add your top coat, clear nail polish. Clear nail polish is used as a top coat to keep your marble nail design set and protected from chipping.

Step nine

Use Qtip and cotton swabs with polish remover to remove any excess nail polish around your nails.

In conclusion

What benefits you see doing this yourself at home! This is a terrific way to get the look you want without paying over the top or sitting for hours in a salon waiting. Having the same service for a small amount of what a professional would charge you is extraordinary. Plus you can do it when and however you want to. Try it out and experience the freedom of a great way to wear your manicure.


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