Many people pay thousands of dollars for a professional wood floor installation. This does not need to be the case. The following seven steps show how to easily do it on your own.

Step 1: Acquire the Wood

The easiest way to put in a wood floor is to get long pieces that will run parallel to the wall. Diagonally installing pieces is much more difficult. Your first step will be to measure each section of your room. You will use these measurements to buy corresponding pieces of wood.

Step 2: Set the Wood

The wood will need some time to adjust to your house. Before beginning the project, allow the wood to acclimate for 72 hours. When the wood is set you are ready to start with the installation. There is really no way to tell if the wood has acclimated, so you will have to just wait.

Step 3: Reveal the Subfloor

You will need to remove whatever current flooring you have to make room for the wood floor. A bare subfloor is the correct starting point. Depending on what type of floor you currently have, this process will be more or less time consuming. If you currently have carpeting you will need to remove it, but it might be possible to just cement on top of other surfaces.

Step 4: Cement the Subfloor

Apply a shallow layer of cement to the subfloor. Consult with a professional on what kind of cement to use. Some cement will not bond well with your wood type, and also will not bond well with the subfloor.

It is important that the cement is evenly placed. To achieve this you will need to use a cement smoothing device, such as a trowel. Before moving on to the next step you must wait for the cement to dry.

Step 5: Coat the Floor

Section by section, coat the floor with a strong and slow drying adhesive. Like the cement the glue needs to go on evenly. An uneven coating will result in a crooked wood floor.

Note: do not cover the entire floor with glue, or there will be nowhere for you to stand. You do not want to glue yourself to the floor.

Step 6: Apply the Wood

Starting from the longest section of the floor, you will need to push the wood pieces onto the glue. For a successful installation make sure each wood piece is as close to the last one as possible. You do not need to wait for each section to dry before starting on the next section.

Step 7: Leave it Alone

Let the glue dry. Do not walk on the floor for a few days. The glue needs to set so that the boards won't shift. In six easy steps you will have a successful wood floor installation. Sure, it might not look as great as it would have if a professional had done it, but you have saved yourself a lot of money.