Everyone, men and women alike would go to great lengths to shed inches in just one week. For ladies to get into that dress for a summer event and the men to look their best while poolside, some people are willing to try anything to slim down.

Believe it or not this is a possible task by simply engaging in a natural body cleanse for one whole week. That's it, just one week of will power can jumpstart your diet or lose those last few pounds that can be quite a challenge.

Certainly, a body cleanse of any kind doesn't exactly sound appealing in any shape or form, but if all that you have to do is drink a solution for one week and not have to endure agonizing trips to the local gym, then most people are willing to give it a shot.

This cleansing process has been a weight loss secret to the elite as well as celebrities for years. Recently with the big trend in healthy living to be going green and eating organic, thousands of people craving that svelte body in a flash are using a cleanse to get them to their goal.

To get started you need to do some research online for which cleanse you'd like to perform. Naturally, some are more appetizing than others so choose one you have the best chances of sticking with.

You may need to pcik up some supplies for your cleanse at your local health store as well as some laxatives…yes, laxatives.

These natural body cleanse diets are a form of fasting with the mixed solution of your choice to be consumed in place of all your meals for the entire week.

You are also permitted to typically have water, coffee and green teas in addition to the cleanse. Now for the fun part, the laxatives…considering your body is consuming vert few calories per day, you must take the laxatives for some form of relief.

It sounds much worse than it truly is and by taking them you will maximize the total body flush of ridding your body of those nasty free radicals. The natural cleanses have an incredible way of shedding pounds quickly, with the average weight loss at eight pounds per week on the diet.

They also flush the body through a detoxification process to get rid of toxins and improve organ function, remarkably even for those who have endured years of liver or kidney damage.

Many physicians recommend these fasting cleanses to patients as part of the pre-operative routine, while others endure the natural body cleanse several times per year to refresh their bodies and encourage overall better health.

Use caution when beginning any cleanse, make sure you are of good health to participate in one, especially for those who have low blood pressure and never a wise idea for women who are nursing or pregnant.

You may experience headaches from the lack of sugar or caffeine during your cleanse and along with taking the laxatives, you may have to get adjusted to those side effects as well.

To spare but one week of your life to get the results you want and improve your body function from the inside out, the cleanse is a small price to pay to achieve those goals.