Whether you find it adorable or absurd, dog clothing has become an industry unto itself. There are whole websites and even some brick and mortar shops that are dedicated solely to the retailing of doggie clothing. So it begs the question do dogs really need clothes? Or is it all just for the amusement of the owner?

Believe it or not there are legitimate uses for Dog clothing depending on the climate. Centuries ago in the far northern regions of the Arctic Circle, the Inuit people discovered dog sledding as a mode of transportation. It made their world smaller and their hunting grounds much bigger. Their new form of transportation depended on the health and well being of their dogs. They found that one of the most common problems was their dogs' feet being cut on the sharp and jagged ice. So the Inuit became the inventors of the first ever dog shoes. Although their reasons were more practical than aesthetic, here is an example of dog clothing with a purpose. Even in less remote and arctic regions like the Northern U.S or Southern Canada, winter temperatures can drop the mercury to frigid levels making it very cold for dogs' paws to be exposed to these extremes. Dog shoes are a necessity for some dogs when walking outside for even short lengths of time. In extreme temperatures you will see a dog lift up its paws in a kind of upward kicking motion to try and relieve the pain and discomfort of one of their paws for second or two. Dog shoes can also be needed when your dog many encounter sharp objects on the ground. Broken shards of glass or steel can injure your dogs paws and cause excessive bleeding and may require a trip to the veterinarian to properly treat the wounds.

In the winter season depending on your dog you may find yourself having to leave your dog in the car for an extended period of time or take them for a long walk. In these types of situations doggie shirts and coats may be necessary to help preserve their body heat. Their natural coats may not be enough insulation to protect against extreme temperatures. If you must leave your dog exposed to these temperatures, be sure to check them as often as possible. If your dog is getting to cold it may begin to shiver and show signs of mild hypothermia, in which case get your dog indoors as soon as possible.

Much of the doggie clothing industry is for the benefit of the owner to make their pets cuter and more human, but there are some valid uses for doggie clothing. You may also be interested in