Has the economy got you down this Christmas? If you have a fixed amount of money to spend on gifts this year, don't fret, Improvise! Make your favorite cookies or candies and package them in a beautiful decorative tin or decorative cellophane bags. These personal and thoughtful gifts really are the best because they show how much you care. You could also buy some nice but inexpensive mugs from a home goods store and fill with store bought candies or home- made bakes goods.

Things You Will Need

Cook book, ingredients for recipe(s) decorative tin, decorated cellophane bags, various store bought candies, decorated holiday mugs

Step 1

Stop by your local craft or home goods store and pick up some decorative tins, cellophane bags and/ or some inexpensive decorative mugs. Next, stop buy your local grocery or candy store and pick up ingredients for your favorite recipe(s) for candy and/or cookies. Or buy candies or cookies at the store. I recommend making the cookies yourself rather than buying them. They taste better, stay fresher longer, and add a more personal touch. If you feel comfortable, try a recipe for peanut brittle, ginger bread cookies, spritz cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, toffee, or sugar cookies. There are infinite possibilities. Anything goes. Be creative. Mix and match.

Step 2

Make the recipe(s) for the candies and/or cookies a few days prior to the day you plan to give the gifts. Don't make the recipes too far ahead of time as the baked goods will become stale. Allow them to cool and package them in your choice of a mug wrapped in cellophane, a tin, and or cellophane bags. Make a gift basket if you want.
These do-it-yourself gifts are great for teachers, coworkers, bosses, the mail man, friends and family members. They show your creativity and cooking abilities. Above all, they show that you care. The personal touch of a do-it-yourself gift really goes a long way. It is a great way to save money this holiday season.

Tips & Warnings

If you choose to bake cookies and/or candy, be sure to do it only a few days prior to the day you plan to give the gifts. Over all, be creative. The sky is the limit.