DIY teeth whitening techniques are basically home based solution for your discolored and not so good looking teeth. Although hundreds of teeth whitening techniques are available now a days, but still these home made tricks have a lot to benefit you. One can say that why to do it at home when thousands of experts are available, but let me tell you if you are rich enough, then you can say that, other vise dental treatments now a days are very expensive.

The biggest advantage of such treatments is that you don't need to go to the dentist at all. All you have to do is just go to your kitchen and find out the required ingredients and with help of some common kitchen goods you can gain the same results for free. Although people all around the glob use such techniques but these tricks are very famous in the poor countries.

Event the people from developed countries use such things to make there teeth whiten, because the dental treatments in such countries are really expensive, for example if you are living in America, you can't really afford to go to the dentist, because in America dental treatment is that expensive that even it would take your two months budget.

In such cases people prefer DIY teeth whitening which are quiet low cost or no cost, because most of the required things are normally available at kitchen. But keep one thing in your mind these techniques are not magical at all, I mean don't think that after applying them once you will get your teeth white straight away. These trick take there time to give result but one thing is for sure that there result are long lasting, with comparison to other dental treatments. If some one wants instant results then definitely he or she should go to the dentist.

Thousand years ago when there were no dentists but still people were use to have much better teeth or even strong teeth. What are the reasons? I mean now a days people take too much care of there teeth but still they are getting weaker and weaker day by day. In our point of view the reason is that at that times people were use to eat natural things no chemicals.

They use to brush with roots of different trees. From this we can understand that the mankind is using DIY teeth whitening methods right from the beginning of the life. So the first and the most important and most working treatment for your teeth is to take care of them. Avoid few things like, coke, cold water, smoking, and alcohol as well. One can say that how it is possible to avoid such things, yup you are right no one can avoid these things, but one thing every one of us can do that is clean our mouth with water after using these things. Later on in this discussion we will discus few things more about kind of food which affects teeth.

Now let's come to some home based solutions. Well in different regions people use different things, but most commonly used things are baking soda, roots, lemon and some plant leaves. Well people use baking soda in such way that they make a paste from it by mixing it with water and then with help finger they apply it carefully on there teeth, baking soda helps to make teeth whiten.

All around the world roots are used as replacement of artificial teeth brush and teeth pastes, they are used as routine brush and infect this is the most effective method among all DIY teeth whitening methods. Roots are taken from different plants and every plant have different effects on teeth some are good in making teeth whiten and others are good in making them strong. The out skin of lemon is also found helpful in teeth whitening and it is also one of the old methods to make teeth shining and healthy.

A part from all those techniques, as we talked about it earlier that home tooth whitening is not based only methods to apply directly on your teeth, but is also involves proper nutrition for your teeth. The important things for your teeth are milk, apples, carrots, some other things. Now we will look every case why it is important for your teeth. As we know that calcium is very important for your teeth, it helps to make them strong, and whitening as well, so what are the foods in which you can find maximum calcium, milk is on the top of list, so its good drink 1/4 liter milk every day. Eating apple and carrots are found to be very helpful to for teeth, as we eat apple or carrots it not only cleans them but also makes there roots strong as well. So if you love your teeth keep providing them with good nutrition.

Although there are very rare disadvantages of these methods but still they exist. The first disadvantage could be that it's a long process; I mean it takes too much time. If your teeth are too bad then these things are not going to help you. These methods are much effective if you use them as precautionary measures. But with comparison to its disadvantages, advantages are more, for example its easy, less costly and easily available to use. You don't need an expert to use these methods.

But please note few things, never use acid or things like it they will definitely damage your teeth and also may harm you. So please be sure about what you are going to use. Also take best care of your teeth because care is the best solution to any disease. Instead of using non natural things as home remedy, like baking soda prefer to use natural things like roots and leaves of the trees. Concluding our topic we can say that the disadvantages of other treatments like laser treatment are more then the disadvantages of DIY teeth whitening.