A very popular thing to do nowadays is detoxification. You simply can not miss reading about it when browsing through health related articles. The people promoting detoxification gave gathered into one big group, supporting one another and dismissing those who do not practice their beliefs. But unfortunately they are missing the whole point and below I describe why.

First of all, it is a often a good advice to “follow the money”. Who is benefiting most from the detoxification movement? It is rather easy to discover the answer to this. There are endless amounts of detoxification supplements and detoxification programs provided by various companies and the price is usually not cheap at all. They make quite good money from your small detoxification experience.

Moreover, just like in other fields, they can sponsor studies or tests and miraculously discover that the results of the studies support their products fully showing huge benefits in their consumption.

So please, keep that in mind – “who is making money from something” and “who has paid for that research” are extremely important things to know.

Next, I would like to use some common sense. The argument of pro-detoxification is that over the years, due to your poor nutritional choices, a lot of toxicity has gathered up inside your body, so they say it is a good idea for you to do one of the many available detoxification programmes (costing you money most of the time) and clean up all that poison.

ill smileyNow think about it – what is wrong with that picture? Let me put it in another way: Every year you put poisons and toxic compounds in your body, then you do a several days long detoxification and then you continue what you were doing before – putting poisons and toxic compounds in your body. Surely everyone can see what is wrong here.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We do not need to do any detoxification. What we need to do is stop putting those poisons and toxins (e.g. white flour, white sugar, white pasta, etc) into our body in the first place. If you don’t put any poison into your body, your body will be clean and healthy.

You may wonder what about all those people who for one reason or another already have had many years of poor nutrition? The answer is very simple. Our body is wonderful and super intelligent. It already has in-built tools which it employs daily to detoxify itself and clean itself. The body gets rid of compounds through urination, sweating, bowels, breathing – all completely naturally. So if you just stop from this day onwards putting poisons into your body and instead give it good nutrients and minerals and vitamins every day, then it will do what it does best already by itself and clean all the poison out from inside.

If you really want, you can assist your body in doing so. You can drink more water which will increase the amount of urination. You can do things to sweat more, such as steam rooms, exercise, going out in the sun. Aerobic activity increases breathing.

Lastly, a comment about detoxification people do with fruit juices. Please realize that fruit juices are full of sugar. This is bad for your body. And even if you buy fresh fruit and make your own juices that is still bad because fruit is basically fructose, which is a sugar found in fuits and too much of either processed sugar or natural sugar is just that – too much sugar. So such a step is hurting your body – you are not cleaning it.

To conclude, simply stop putting poisons and toxins into your body and it will clean itself as it was designed to – you do not need to do a detoxification program.