Do People Really Make Money Online?

Earning Money Online

Do people really make money online? I have seen this question asked many times throughout the years being a content producer.  The answer to this question is, yes. Many people earn a descent passive income writing from websites such as,,, and Yahoo

My Personal Journey Earning Money Online


I started my journey making money online back in 2006 on a site called, now Yahoo On this site you can make several hundred dollars publishing articles on any subject that you love to write about.  The pay is based on a per view basis, and the site also pays you per article for content that is original to the site.  You also have a choice to publish your articles on just a pay per view basis to earn a passive income from your content.

Some of the tips and tricks I would offer you before submitting articles to this site are,

  • Submit original content that has never been submitted to the site.  Like I said, "You can make money on articles never published before."  I made anywhere between $2.00 to $5.oo per article based on well written original articles. Do a search on the site and see if any other content is like yours.
  • Write content that will drive lots of traffic.  Make sure your content is well written, and that you use proper SEO techniques to tweak your articles. Your pay will also be based on the traffic that you drive to your articles, whether this is through social media, or search engines such as or

Make money online from Adsense sharing sites such as and

I have written for for two years now.  Your revenue is based on a pay per view program called, the Hubpages revenue sharing program, and you will also generate income from those who click on the Adsense ads that appear on the site.  

I have been able to make a few hundred dollars online from publishing original content to this site too.

I have recently started my journey earning money online on, and I do look forward to seeing what the earning potential is for this site.