Heart and gut feelings are for real

The heart processes and transmits data and stores memories

Scientifically speaking we have ample proof that the heart processes, transmits and stores information. Neurologists have discovered a system of about 40,000 sensory neurons in the heart. They found that they communicate with the brain - as a separate and in some ways superior brain. ) The heart generates an electrical amplitude that is 45 to 60 times more than our regular brain. We can measure the effect that emotions have on the heart's electrical field. This complex neural network seems to have a greater affinity for the right side of the brain. According t a recent opinion poll over 60% of us believe that the heart is the centre of intuition, wisdom and emotions. We also believe that it is connected to our gut feelings. This is true according to the study of energy meridians used in Chinese medicine.

Healthy and happy heartCredit: Sue Visser

The heart, small intestine (gut) and eye teeth share the same energy meridian

The heart shares the same meridian as the small intestine (gut). This meridian is also connected energetically to our eye teeth. Another meridian aligns the heart with our wisdom teeth and so perhaps there are associations. In dentistry there are many reports of a patient's heart complains improving dramatically when an infected wisdom tooth is extracted. 

The HeartMath institute has investigated how the brain can pick up signals that originate from the heart. This amazing organ communicates with neurons, electromagnetic fields and pulsing waves that can be relayed to laboratory equipment where we can see them in action. The brain also releases hormones and neurotransmitters into the bloodstream to communicate with other organs and tissues. Positive emotions can be seen to make the heart waves appear smooth and even. But they suddenly change when the person being monitored gets upset or angry. They become jagged and erratic. 

A recipient of a donated heart gets new abilities and taste preferences

The way a newly donated heart reverts to the behaviour of its previous owner is proof enough that data can be stored and distributed by the heart. It even has its own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions. We are not sure of how the recently installed (previously owned) heart instantaneously enables its new owner to play the piano, paint pictures or recognize total strangers. Is this data being relayed from the physical heart or is the heart logging on to some form of cosmic “internet”? These heart waves can be measured and evaluated by machines we have invented. Yet their sensory attributes can’t be reproduced because heart waves interact “emotionally” throughout the body.

The heart has feelingsCredit: Sue Visser

Chakras and energy transmitters – internet and software?

Our emotions are linked to a system of 7 endocrine glands that release hormones. These chemical messengers travel in the blood stream and directly affect the way it flows. For example when we are angry and release adrenaline the blood vessels tense up and elevate our blood pressure. Stress and too much cortisol make the blood thicken and raise the blood sugar. These changes are detected by the heart and because it controls blood circulation it has to make compensations from time to time. The heart communicates with electrical impulses similar to computer-based software to regulate the flow of blood to and from the lungs and throughout the body. It is the heart and not the brain that makes these calculations.

Computers do not associate with emotions and feelings spontaneously

The signals to and from the heart are also modified by our emotions. The heart is said to know the inner thoughts of the soul. It responds spontaneously to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Holy Scriptures tell us that words that come from the mouth arise from the heart. These words affect our emotions and our body parts respond in different ways to the range of emotions we experience. Our reactions determine how the heart and the brain orchestrate the cardiovascular system into states of bliss versus hater and revenge. Fight or flight versus rest and digest. When we are happy and relaxed the blood vessels relax and the feel good hormones flow. But a negative reaction to what we perceive as a threat or an upset can do the opposite. Blood vessels tense up, the heart beats faster and the blood thickens. 

It is difficult for Science to embrace the miracle of life

Mainstream Science fails to understand how this happens. We only have instruments that can measure the energy waves, the effects, and shapes or composition of objects. So the brain is described as a chunk of grey matter full of nerves and brain cells and the cardiovascular system is delegated to “a pump and pipes.” When things go wrong we find drugs that can suppress the most immediate level of complaints. We have clever surgeons to cut things open, insert or even grow new body parts from stem cells and stitch us together again. But the true mystery is that a heart cell keeps contracting and expanding even in isolation, in a test tube. There is no scientific explanation for life itself. When a heart cell dies it is not replaced so a large patch of dead cells seriously affects the heart. But science can remedy this, even if they fail to address the cause of a congestive heart disorder.


The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi heart functions

It is no coincidence that the heart shares the same head to toe energy meridian as our eye teeth. You could say this is a “Bluetooth connection”. The heart meridian also networks with the small intestine. So our gut instincts and heart-felt desires are truly connected. The energy waves that radiate from the heart can be measured today with scientific equipment. They reach at least a metre beyond the flesh. The energy field is shaped like an egg and is called our luminous or metaphysical body. It is connected in some way to a universal field of Consciousness that is fathomless. Certain memories from past experiences seem to be lodged there in a software storage facility. Maybe the data is needed for future use or, like our internet it is used to contribute to the collective or God consciousness. The memory banks that record our lives.

Is the heart an endocrine gland? What is a heart chakra?

We have seven endocrine glands that also contribute to this energy field. People who are familiar with spiritual teachings know they are connected to energy fields called chakras, spinning wheels or vortices. In cross-section if we were to take a horizontal slice across our luminous outer body’s egg shape at the heart level we would see a circular disk if viewed from the top. It is an energy field and is tuned like all the other chakras to a specific sound as well as a colour frequency. The heart energy resonates to the musical notes of F and F# and is associated with green and pink tones. It is considered to have an endocrine function by some schools of thought. That would explain how oxytocin - a hormone associated with love and trust is released to bond a mother to her new-born child. The heart meridian is directly linked to the blood that infuses the uterus with its life-giving force.  

Science cannot explain what really happens deep inside the heart

We feel things in our heart so to speak and are moved to help people and comfort them. But cruel actions that cause harm and injury are said to be done by heartless people. They commit cold-blooded murder and it makes our blood run cold to hear of such a crime. So we seem to be connected to other levels of consciousness with an innate and very elegant Wi-Fi service. Does this mean that prayer has also got something to do with the heart? We know about the power of prayer and how studies have shown how a group of people who pray for a person who is fatally ill can make a full recovery without the assistance of “lifesaving” surgery, hospital treatment and “critically important” drugs.

But not everybody is healed. Terms and conditions seem to apply and it seems to be a question of faith and this is hard to explain scientifically. Emotions, love, prayer and what really happens deep inside the heart is not well explained with laboratory equipment. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and we are told to follow our heart and keep it pure. “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God”. But for some it is hard to define God – is there a God?

We have a heart and need it even if we don’t really understand it

By now you may be thinking – unscientific balderdash? Online internet obsessed Myth busters are constantly up and ready to ridicule people who explore acupuncture, Homeopathy, energy medicine, Spirituality and other “poorly researched theories”. But there are no scientific explanations for how you are conceived – your first spark and how your cells begin to divide. The energy is just there and so is the intelligence to form a new being.

Interesting to note is that when the cells begin to differentiate and organs start to develop the heart is there and so is the gut - before any sign of a little brain can be seen. 

Learn to love and appreciate your heart.

Be loving and kind so it can function with ease and prevent heart disease