Miracle Happens

Don't Stop Believing

Do you believe in miracles?

Having been raised by very religious parents, I have always believed in miracles. I have always believed that there is Someone greater than us... Someone greater than the universe… who in fact, created the universe! Someone who, despite how big or how minute the thing is, made it work. Someone who made the impossible possible that even science can’t explain how.

I have always believed that. Until now, he never fails to show it to me.

I am blessed with a very loving husband, named Mc, who made me feel special in every little way. We have been married for 4 years now. However within that 4 years, we have tried so hard to get pregnant. I had 3 failed pregnancies. Each failed one made our hearts bleed but we never lost hope. With God’s grace, my 4th pregnancy was a success. I gave birth to a very handsome 8.3 lb baby boy who we named, Zackery Mc Nathan. From the Bible, Zackery means, “God remembers”. Nathan means, “God’s gift”. Zackery Mc Nathan all together means, God remembers Mc’s gift. After 3 years, God remembers my husband’s gift.

A week after he was cleared for checkout from the hospital, he was diagnosed with 2 congenital defects. I was devastated… No amount of words could even describe how I felt… moreso, how my husband felt! It was very difficult for us. We subjected Nate to several tests on the kidney and heart to learn more about his condition. We were told that the chance of his kidney condition happens only in 1 out of 4,000 babies born. His heart condition happens only in 1 out of 10,000 babies born.  Indeed, Nate is special! My husband and I decided to do whatever we can and TRUST in the Lord.

Last November 2010, we went to Manila for Nate’s second kidney surgery. His first one was last September 2010. He was 3-month old then. On that second visit with the doctor, we were in anticipation for only one more corrective kidney surgery. We were scared but also excited to finally correct Nate’s left kidney.

The initial diagnosis of Nate’s condition was Ureterovesical Junction Obstruction (UVJO) on his left kidney. However after several other tests upon our arrival to the hospital, it was found out that my baby has a more complicated case. He also has Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJO). The doctor’s face looked worried. Instead of a final second surgery, we are now looking at more surgeries to come. We were told that he couldn’t do one surgery to correct both obstructions because the ureter might not be able to handle it. Once again, my world crumbled. My husband and I prayed. As the Bible said, “He will continue the work he began in us”. God will continue the healing he began to our baby Nate. We trust in that promise.

The doctor’s mission was to save the well-functioning left kidney as much as possible. He scheduled the surgery on November 25. He called the other doctors about the schedule. In God’s grace, everyone was available. This includes the Pediatric Nephrologist, Pediatric Cardiologist, and Pediatric Cardio-Anesthesiologist. The day was truly for Nate’s healing.

On November 25, we subjected our baby to the operating room. Outside the OR, my husband and I prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Our family and friends in the community all prayed for baby Nate in those hours. We were told that the procedure would only last for 3 hours. However, it had been almost 5 hours and still no news. I was so scared and almost crying. My heart stops whenever the OR door opens.

After 5 hours, the doctor’s assistant came out holding a small bloody tissue that my husband said looks like a kidney. I told him, “It couldn’t be. The doctor will not take out anything without our consent”. After a few minutes, the doctor came out looking serious as he always was. He had with him a paper and pen and started to draw. He drew Nate’s kidney condition. It was the same drawing he did the night before the surgery. He paused, looked at us, and then started to draw an additional tissue behind the defective left kidney. He explained that after opening up Nate, he found that my baby has a 3rd kidney on the left. It looks very normal. Additional news is that it has its own normal ureter too! Scientifically, they call it Double Collecting System. Because of that, he decided to no longer correct the defective left ureter. What he did was to remove the defective left kidney with its defective left ureter. Nate, now, still has 2 healthy normal set of kidneys! My baby’s condition is now corrected! Praise the Lord! J

You know what my miracles are?

Miracle 1: Money was never a concern. Not because we have money tree and have abundant savings. We believe what happened was like God’s miracle on the feeding of the 5 thousand. Everyone was so concerned of each other that each one shared their own food or “baon”. Everyone had his or her fill. God transformed the hearts of everyone who knew into charitable hearts. We were able to raise the money for the 1st and 2nd kidney surgery given the little difference in time from each surgery because everyone shared.

Miracle 2: My baby’s 3rd hidden kidney was a miracle. It was never seen in previous ultrasound, xray, and other tests. It was never even seen in the 1st kidney surgery! The possibility of a 3rd normal kidney is rare. It could have been placed on the right kidney OR it could have been a normal kidney without it’s own ureter. There are many other possiblities. BUT No, God placed the 3rd set of kidney where the defective one was. We believe it was Jesus who came down and placed that kidney the night before.

Miracle 3: My baby’s story brought miracles. Because of my baby’s story, he has transformed the lives of many unbelievers especially those in the family. Many who knows of Nate’s story now believes that there is Someone greater than us... Someone greater than the Universe, who in fact created the Universe… Someone who makes things work… who makes the impossible possible that even Science can’t explain.

“Sometimes the only means of transportation available is a leap of faith”. We are grateful God made miracles to and through our baby Nate. We still have the heart defect to correct. Yet, we will continue to Believe.

Do you believe in miracles? BELIEVE! Because Miracles do happen!


by Diana Alumbro Alvarado