Top entertainment for adults and kids!

If you're looking for something to entertain the kids, look no further than Nerf! What an excellent value, well made toy for kids and adults alike.

Many a 'Nerf war' has passed away a rainy hour or so in my house (and believe me there have been a few of those in the UK lately)

For those of you not yet familiar, Nerf are a selection of toy guns that fire hard foam darts. Now, if like me you are not that comfortable with the whole toy gun scenario, as a female it never really appealed, think again with Nerf. The 'guns' are not made to replicate real ones, they look like colourful toys and seriously are a lot of fun! They are always well made, they are very durable, the darts fire with a satisfying speed and whistle and cover a good distance without causing any pain but you know when you've been 'hit'!

We have been building up a decent collection of Nerf guns for a couple of years, my children are now 11 and 15, boy and girl, and if anything gets my teenage daughter out of her room it's the talk of a Nerf war! We have enough to involve the neighbours kids (and often parents) and it's such a great excuse to let off some steam and just have fun.

A quick review of what we have.


This medium sized gun holds 6 nerf darts in a round barrel and fires at a range of about 8 meters or 26 feet. The advantage of not having to reload as often is perhaps counteracted by the fact that you have to take cover while you restock the barrel! It's solid build means it withstands the fight but perhaps quite bulky for smaller hands.


Nite Findernerf-nite finder

A smaller more accurate gun, this so called nite finder aids your shot with a red dot sight. It loads just one dart at a time and functions on a pull-back reload, however it has a place to hold two spare darts. It's accurate firing, longer distance range (32 ft) makes this weapon one for those sneaky hidden shots taking no prisoners!


ReflexNerf reflex

My favourite weapon of choice, this small Nerf has power, a satisfying pull-back loading system and good firing distance (32 ft). It loads just one dart at a time and has no place to store spare darts (I just hold a few in the other hand), however it is very easy to reload and remarkably accurate.


JoltNerf jolt

The smallest in the Nerf family, the Jolt is perhaps the mightiest! A favourite of my son, this palm sized, pocket pistol packs a punch travelling a mean 45 ft. Another single dart shot, this is super accurate, super easy to load and fire and super cheap at £4!


N-Strike Stampedenerf stampede

The godfather of our pack this is the largest weapon in the house! Looking like it means business, this automatic, shielded gun fires relentlessly from a magazine containing up to 18 darts! With an awesome range of 65 ft, you're in trouble if this has its sights on you!

The only downside is the weight and the fact it takes a rather expensive 6xD batteries.


This is just a small selection of what's available out there and our collection will keep growing. I cannot recommend them enough as great value, great fun and a great excuse to be a kid again!