My housemate recently came home with a bag filled with health products and said I had to calculate my carbon footprint, the same as she had done earlier. She was horrified because the online calculator she used told her that in order for her to maintain her present lifestyle, she would need regenerative capacities of four planets. Horror-stricken! The products she had was purchased to replace the many chemical cleaners and detergents we had in our cupboards, this was her first step in going green.


I thought that because I don’t consume meat or dairy, don't have a Hummer, don't throw garbage out my window as well as not light large fires in my backyard every week I would have a pretty clean record and look like an environment warrior of note. With this in mind, I visited a website by the name of earthday. org where I participated in a quiz. After selecting my location and dialect the quiz directed me straight into the most important part of any green lifestyle question these days...


What do you eat?

Once you look at our planet’s health, you will see that food production is often a vital factor because it plays a part in its degeneration. Reported by a United Locations report entitled Livestock’s Longer Shadow, the livestock market produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire global transportation system combined. The part that's scary is the fact that global meat production is set to rise from 229 million tonnes to a whopping 465 million tonnes in the year 2050, which signifies the emission component will grow considerably too. It is additionally interesting to notice that grazing takes in 26 percent regarding Earth’s surface, while crops produced to feed cattle burn up about a third of our cultivatable terrain.


How do you live?

Next, the quiz enquired about my home. How much people live there, how much electrical energy we use and what type of energy we spend money on. Carbon footprints vary according to regions, but homes utilize a vast income and energy about heating and soothing alone. The products we buy and also the appliances we work with directly impact as much emissions our homes produce. Buying locally produced products, energy successful products and through insulating our houses correctly, we can save on as much energy we work with.


What do you drive?

And lastly, the quix asked me to specify what type of transportation I make use of, how far I travel, and other transport styles I make use of. As the food industry adds about 18% of emissions, the transport industry is the second largest with 13% and air transportation is accountable for a much deeper carbon dioxide footprint than travelling by car. More and more people are beginning to drive each day however, and those numbers are increasing.


After a rapid calculation, my final results showed that if everyone lived for instance like me, we would need two and a half planets in order to maintain my present lifestyle. Ultimate Eco warrior fail! Eventhough my contribution in my eyes was small, the quiz showed me that you can always do more to improve just how I live. Needless to say, tomorrow I’m going to buy more, locally made, organic products and health goodies just to make sure I'm filling my shelves with natural products. Getting greener by the day!