Over the last few years Soy has emerged as a great alternative protein source. Those in the health field are thrilled about how soy protein can bring a whole new dimension to nutrition. If you didn't know already here are some of the great benefits of Soy Protein.

Its Protein From Plants!
Soy beans are a total nutrition source and are amongst the most easily digested.They have hardly any fat which equates to low cholesterol. Superb if you are lactose intolerant as Soy Beans contain no lactose.
Unlike meat based proteins it is free from steroids and antibiotics that are often found in meat.This also means freedom from many parasites found in meat. No parasites=no disease! It is great for a Vegetarian diet and also provides a better protein source than meat.

You Can Do So Much With Soy Beans
Soy beans are incredibly versatile. A number of cultures and cuisines, especially in Asia recognize the benefits of soy Beans. hoi Sin,soy sauce as well as tofu are all derivatives of the soy bean.It has been intimated that soy beans could be an aid in the fight against world hunger. They are easy to grow, grow in most environments and reach maturity quickly. Many farmers have changed their entire crop to soy.

Brilliant Alternative. You can use soy instead of most other protein sources. In cooking, you can use soy substitutes instead of flour for a low fat alternative. This enables those on weight loss programs to get their protein whilst cutting down on fat.

Because it is low in fat and so easy to digest many bodybuilders are using soy as a protein source.
As soy is natural it is safer to use than its processed counterparts and has the benefit of no additives.
As soy can be made into liquid form-soy milk it is an excellent way to make alternative shakes, milk based drinks etc.

Special nutrients can also be found in soy of such as saponins, isoflavones, and phytosterol. saponins support a healthy immune system and combines with cholesterol to avoid increased absorption of. phytosterols also aid reduction of absorption of cholesterol in the body.
Isoflavones are strong antioxidants preventing the effects of free radicals in the body.Free radicals cause faster ageing and are linked to cancer . These facts alone add weight to the need to have soy in your diet. Isoflavones, as well as the vitamins A,C, and E are at the forefront in the fight against disease – Pollution and stress effects are aided by theses.

Can You Have Too Much? It is safe to eat a lot of soy which is not often the case with other proteins. There are those with allergies to soy although cases are rare. If you are going to go onto a solely soy based diet it would be best to talk to a doctor first, especially if you are taking any prescription medications which may be interfered with by the soy.

To conclude soy is a great alternative protein source and should be considered a part of most peoples healthy eating regime.