If you are a fan of the Harry Potter films you will be familiar with Daniel Radcliffe. As Harry Potter, Daniel has been a central player in all of the Harry Potter films. Audiences have watched him grow from a child to a young man. However these same audiences seem to be divided over whether or not Daniel Radcliffe is a talented actor. So where do you stand in this debate?

Whether to love, loathe, like or dislike, Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter in each of the films, is not an easy choice for me.

Daniel as young Harry Potter In the beginning

The first Harry Potter films were released eight or nine years ago. At this time, for me, Daniel fitted the Harry Potter role perfectly, at least in his physical appearance. With a slight stature, round rimmed spectacles and a somewhat undernourished appearance, he was very much what the story demanded. His acting was a little wooden and this, for me, wass were he fell short of the requirements.

However, he was only a young child and child actors have a difficult job. Combining school with the demands of the film industry must be hard. Add to this the fact that Daniel became very famous, very fast, and life for him was even harder. He soon became one of the most famous, curren,t child celebrities.

A little older The middle years

With each successive film Daniel became more famous but also more associated with the Harry Potter tale. In many ways he was, and still is, the face of Harry Potter. Of course time, has moved on and Daniel, along with the other child actors, entered those troublesome teenage years.

Coping with fame, flattery and criticism is never easy but, at such a vulnerable age, excessive attention could be dangerous. One only has to look at the effects of experiencing fame from a young age had on child stars such as Michael Jackson and Shirley Temple.

The present

Daniel Radcliffe has found the Harry Potter roles something of a poisoned chalice. His appearance is so distinctive and familiar that, in many people's minds, he will forever be Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Daniel in the stage play Equus This is a shame as he has already proved himself a decent actor in other roles.

A televised drama in the UK about the son of Rudyard Kipling and the stage play Equus, with his Potter co-star Richard Griffiths, were both entertaining and successful. In the latter Daniel played a nude scene fairly comfortably, for one so young, and pleased his fans by showing off his young, well toned physique. Daniel received good reviews for both of the roles he played in these productions.

In the Half Blood Prince The future

Filming is currently underway to complete the Harry Potter tale. This is being done in ernest as the child actors are all in danger of being mature adults, playing teenagers, otherwise.

The future could be difficult for Daniel, as he runs the risk of being too type cast by his long standing role as Harry Potter. However, as he is growing into a man he is becoming less like the Harry Potter we all knew so well.

To love or to loathe him then?

For me, it will have to be the middle ground.

Daniel has played this role since he was twelve. Nine years, or so, on he looks set to have to carry on a few more years, at least. He is now the quintessential Harry Potter and I cannot imagine anyone else taking over this role. He is young, reasonably good looking, charming, well spoken and his performances in Harry Potter are improving with each film.

For some, who do not like Daniel Radcliffe, it may simly be the character of Harry Potter that attracts their loathing.

As I love the Harry Potter saga, both the books and the films, I will have to conclude that I like Daniel Radcliffe but do not quite love him.

However I am a mature, older woman and perhaps it would be easier to fall in love with him if I was one of his contemporaries. He does not exude sex appeal to me, nor have the mature charm of others, but then he is only twenty, so give him time. The best may yet be to come.