It's actually easier to work for yourself.

Working for someone else sucks, even if you like your job. You're wasting your energy into someone else's success. Rather we should be investing our energy for a self-sustaining lifestyle. Either way you need to work, it just depends on who you want to work for. A self-sustaining lifestyle is hard to start off at first but in the long run it's probably the best thing to do in terms for working. Our society is based on employment we grow up to learn to go to school so we can get a good job, a nice house and have a good life. But this isn't the case right? Spending day to day stressed out just so you can make your monthly payments to live.  Having to pay to live doesn't sound like freedom to me. I hate money I feel like it controls my life  my life more than I do.                                                                                                       

By the time we finish high school, some us continue to pursue more education to get better jobs. So you spent several years in college to get a good job let's say a dentist. You don't get a job right away after school, and in most cases people who go to school end up not using it. But if you want to become a dentist for example then I encourage you to do it. It's just after 4 years of school to start making good income to retire later, I could've already been retired. The problem is we don't know how to work for ourselves or be self-sustaining because we aren't taught. It is carved into us that we need to get a good job to be able to retire.                                                                                                                                        

A few ideas of working for yourself. You could either figure out a way to have passive income or a personal business to pay your expenses, but another way is to eliminate your expenses.  Technology is allowing this to become easier for us to acheive.  You can make your own website and participate in a lot of systems online to make money. You can even look into solar power once you have it you can actually sell electricity. But you can also eliminate your expenses. What if you didn't have to pay rent? Why spend 6+ years trying to buy a house when you could have one built before then? The hardest part would be obtaining property so you may need a job to save money for a short while but also talk to everyone you know about it. You could endup finding a piece of land easier than you thought. Once you have that you could start building but that costs a lot too.

Except for earthbagging. Look up Earth Bag houses, its almost free and with some personal labor it can definitely be done before lets say becomming a doctor. Once you have the shelter all your income could go into improving the property rather than renting it. You just need to pay the annual property tax. Oh yeah get solar power for your earth bag house. Without rent you could afford it and make more money. Another way to look at it is to figure out how much you owe per day. If your rent is only $1,000 then that's $33.3 per day. Making $33 a day seems easier to acheive than $1000 a month. Think of ideas to make that $33+ a day. Also, don't forget to garden it'll be healthier and will also save money.