A lot people make a big mistake by saying yes to a promotion straight away. They do not weigh up the pros and cons at all. This article will discuss some of the points you have to take into account when deciding whether you should say yes to a promotion or not.

The first question should be whether you are ready for it or not. This is probably the most important decision that you have to ask yourself before you say yes to that promotion. The majority of us do not have the level of maturity to really examine ourselves and decide if we are in really for this big promotion. You should ask yourself if you would really be able to handle the extra responsibility. You must be confident that even of you do not understand the job now, that you will do so in a few months' time.

Then you should ask yourself if your family is ready for this big change. If you do have a family they should also be able to handle the consequences. Some promotions will require you to move, and you will have to know that it will affect your loved ones as they must adapt to the new living conditions.

You should also know that you will have the time to handle this promotion. You should know that all higher paying positions will require more time and responsibility from you. If you get a salary, you must know that it can lead to some very long workdays at work – regardless from the industry that you are in. It will not be long before you notice that your daily life will be intruded by work more often than before. You should be ready to spend 10 hours or more per day at the office on a fairly regular basis.

This promotion will definitely have an effect on your relationships. You should be able to handle this. The one regrettable fact about promotions is that there will always be one or more people who were looked over, and they will know it. This can lead to some stress between you and that person. Be prepared for this before you agree to the promotion. You will have to be able to deal with this in a calm and collected manner.

When considering a promotion, make sure that you new role is clear and well defined. You and your boss should prepare a contract that states exactly what your new role will be, and what you will have to do and how. Do not be blinded by more money as there are many reasons for upper level positions. One of the reasons is that not everyone can handle the stress at the top or the time it takes out of your daily life.

It is therefore crucial that you are honest with yourself before you just say yes to that promotion. You have to be absolutely certain that this is the right move for you and your family.