If you’re a frequent online user who does important transactions over the web, or if you own an online business; if you love shopping from various online stores or you keep essential files on you inbox, maybe it’s time that you consider using a private proxy. A lot of people feel so confident surfing the web knowing they are secured because they do have antivirus software installed on their pc.  However, security software will only protect your pc from receiving bugs but whenever you send information online, you are always at risk.

But before you learn the advantages of using private proxy, you may want to know what it is all about and how proxies work in general.  Basically, whenever you are connected to the internet (and even if you’re not), your computer has its own identification called IP address.  This is like a serial number.  That means, every computer has its own IP address.  It is composed of numbers such, and so on.  Whenever you send information online like when you give out your credit card numbers as you shop for an item, your pc automatically sends out its IP address.  Now, there are online hackers who can immediately access your pc by merely tracking the IP address of your computer.  Aside from the hackers, spam sites also make use of IP addresses to send out nonsense emails and pop-ups or advertisements in your computer.  For sure, you don’t want this to happen.

A private proxy acts like a buffer.  As the term ‘proxy’ implies, it gives any online source a different IP address (or sometimes an unknown IP address) every time you will use the internet.  So when you go to a certain website and give out information, it goes first to the proxy server and the proxy sends out the information to the main site you are accessing.  Same thing happens whenever you receive information from an online source.  Because you’re using a private proxy, no one can ever see your IP address and therefore, nobody can access your computer.

It is very clear that the main advantage that proxies can provide is security.  Believe it or not, there are thousands if not millions of hackers out there in the web who want nothing but to steal your valued information such as your security numbers, card info, and many more. 

Another important advantage of having a private proxy is its ability to let you freely access all kinds of websites.  Basically, there are sites that are limited to specific location.  For example, there are plenty of websites (online stores, adult sites, entertainment sites, etc) that are only limited to online users located in the US or perhaps in Europe or in Asia.  By using a private proxy, you can absolutely bypass the firewalls and access such websites even though you’re in Africa!  Yes, that’s how powerful proxies are.  If you have it, you can maximize the use of your internet.

Private proxies are not expensive and there are so many providers out there.  All you need to do is get the best proxy server to make sure you get the all the benefits of a private proxy.