The Second Doctor

The Troughton Years

At the end of the Cybermen's debut episode "The Tenth Planet," the First Doctor collapses with what he describes as his body "wearing a bit thin," this would begin the very first regeneration in Doctor Who history. As I watched the serial I was somewhat excited to see the first Appearance of the Second Doctor, since like I said in the previous article the First Doctor, in my opinion was a bit of a disappointment as I had high expectations that weren't exactly met in the series to that point and when the regeneration finally occurred in the last episode of the serial which had inexplicably been lost say for the regeneration scene, I saw some promise in this new Doctor. 

As I saw more of the Second Doctor, I came to enjoy him as one of my favorite to that point and still is one of my favorite of the Doctors overall, his stories were a faster pace than his predecessor accounting for his relative youth and childish manner. After the departure of Ben and Polly, his companions at the time of his regeneration, the Doctor would soon get a new companion, one of the more popular one's in the series even today, the walking stereotype (Seriously he wears a kilt) that is Jamie McCrimmon an 18th century Scotsman whom the Doctor picks up in "The Highlanders." the silliness of the character aside, I actually enjoyed Jamie as a companion, his interactions with the Doctor always seemed fluid and realistic to me, part of this can be attributed to Troughton who always seemed to interact with his companions in a more friendly manner where as the First Doctor always seemed burdened by those who followed him. That's not to say he couldn't be cold towards them when needed, such as manipulating Jamie into saving Victoria in "The Evil of the Daleks," more the reason to admire Troughton, giving more character to the Doctor than ever before.

I felt as if Troughton truly understood the mythos of Doctor Who, his battles with the Daleks and Cybermen helped establish these villains and the Doctors reputation amongst them, it was with the Second Doctor that I was able to overlook the poor production quality of the time. Troughton was wonderfully engaging during his time as the Doctor encountering silly looking new villains like the Ice Warriors, and meeting the equally silly but lovable Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT for the first time as well, Troughton mad the show enjoyable for the first time, in my eyes. Troughton's approach to the stories were always done so well, as if he truly loved the character he portrayed and that feeling is felt through the screen as you watch, many future Doctors expressed a similar feeling with Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Matt Smith citing him as their favorite Doctor, with the Second Doctor's costume influencing Smith's costume as the Eleventh

Sadly many of the Second Doctor serials are lost, as most of the serials of his first two season as the Doctor exist only partially with four of them missing completely and the rest in pieces including those first meeting of the Ice Warriors and Lethbridge-Stewart, but what remained was still some of the best Doctor Who stories in the show's long history, including the Epic "War Games," the Second Doctor's swan song and his most compelling story yet, for that Patrick Troughton's Doctor is one of my Favorite Doctors.

Again, this is only my opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments section.

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