Doctor Who series seven

Well, those of us who saw the "Snowmen" Christmas special have at least an inkling of an idea of what to expect coming up in a short while. For those who didn't or maybe want a bit of clarity on the subject, we can start by looking at an earlier episode from series seven. This was a particularly sad yet interesting episode involving the daleks. Lots of interesting things happened in the episode titled "Asylum of the Daleks" by the way. Probably the biggest event at the time was that all memory or record of the Doctor was erased from the daleks' collective. 

 This was due to the character whom the Doctor decided to call souffle' girl as she was talking about making souffle's while trapped in a complex designed for the mentally unstable daleks. This and the fact that she was able to hack into the daleks' collective was something which puzzled the Doctor at first especially since he himself had never been able to hack their system in such a way. Could she be smarter than the Doctor? Well, I doubt that and it wouldn't have been much fun if she were if you ask me. But we got our answer toward the end of the episode as to how she was able to do these things. The Doctor had of course figured it out ahead of time, but I suppose had to see it all for himself. Oswin (souffle' girl) was not the trapped human they thought her to be and that she herself had thought her to be. At least not anymore. She had indeed been quite clever and the daleks apparently took notice and instead of killing her, the converted her into a full fledged dalek herself. The souffle' making was all in her mind in a desperate attempt to hold onto her humanity. And she managed to hack the collective of course, because she was in fact a part of it. Toward the end, she seems to self destruct and the Doctor mourns her death to a degree. 

 The strange thing about the "Snowmen" episode is that the Doctor ends up working with another girl who unfortunately dies just after the Doctor had decided to give up his who knows how long self imposed isolation and take her adventuring with him. As he comes to her grave site, the Doctor realizes something which should be impossible. Or at least unlikely. The girl's full name was Clara Oswin Oswald. And souffle' girl's name she had given to the Doctor was Oswin Oswald. Coinsidence? The Doctor thinks not. This seems especially doubtful to be mere chance when he remembers Clara's dying words. "I remember. " And also something along the lines of "You clever boy." These are things which Oswin had said before her death with the daleks. And so, he goes directly into the TARDIS and does a search for the girl. It seems that the Doctor's new objective is to find this "impossible girl". 

 And so we had "the girl who waited" in Amy Pond, "the boy who waited" in Rory, and now we may have "the impossible girl" in Clara Oswin Oswald. And the Doctor will then have himself a new companion. He just has to find her first. Now, of course we're going to want to find out just how and why it is that Clara is alive and dead and still remembers things from previous lives and just what the heck is really going on here. But let's not forget about what's happened so far with the eleventh Doctor. There are a few overlying plot points which have been going strong ever since his arrival. There is the matter of the big question, "Doctor Who?" which Must be answered and the seemingly horrible consequences of answering that question. We also know that River finds out what his name is at some point or so she would have us believe in her firt encounter by our timeline with the fourth Doctor back in series four I think it was. One would also have to guess that whenever the Doctor does have to answer that famous question, it will signal the changing from the eleventh to the twelfth Doctor as part of the prophecy says "On the fall of the eleventh" and I doubt that's just a pun. but it wouldn't be the first time in this run that the eleventh Doctor was supposedly going to get the axe and yet somehow came out on top anyway. So, who's to say?

 Another point of interest which some fans have made is that Amy and Rory spent a decent amount of time away from the Doctor in the early parts of the series and although they are trapped back in I think it was the 1920s as a result of the last time the Doctor saw them and he cannot go back to save them due to the time parodox it would cause, that doesn't necessarily mean that he can't go and see them some time in between the events which lead them there and a previous meeting with the couple so long as he returns them home before he knows he'll be there to pick them up again to unfortunately meet their fate. The only question is whether the Doctor would dare to try such a thing. Still, I would think there's still a possibility there for such a thing to happen. If the last few series have shown us anything its that nothing is set in stone with this show. 

 The daleks not knowing about the Doctor anymore is only one thing to consider as according to what we heard earlier this series, the Doctor has been systematically going around from one place to another and erasing any traces of himself that he can. So, hopefully the Doctor can move more freely again. However, we also know that the "Silence" are more than just one race of aliens. They're a cult of sorts and their one goal is to keep the Doctor from ever coming to that place to answer the dredded question. So, we may not have seen the last of their kind either. There's certainly lots of potential things to come with the second half of this season. Seeing as how the writers seem to like to tie everything together with this show, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Clara ends up being somehow connected to this whole prophecy as well. Wouldn't that be interesting? Either way, we shouldn't have long to wait to at least start getting some of these answers. Doctor Who is set to return on the 30th of March this year. And I don't know about you, but I can't wait.