Doctor Who is coming back for a seventh series some time in 2012 and into 2013 according to reports. I for one have been completely blown away at the scope and sheer brilliance of this show ever since Matt Smith came on board as the eleventh incarnation of the doctor. That's not to say that David Tennant didn't do a brilliant job as the tenth doctor. It's just that I honestly didn't get around to watching the show regularly and probably didn't even have the chance really until series five came around. All that being said, it can be hard to keep track of things some times with all the little details which can end up being extremely important in this show. So, this may be a good time to refresh our memories and look back a little at the build up to this upcoming series. Here are a few points which I think will be very important coming up.

1. The Doctor is alone again.... or not.

During the course of the last series, the doctor came again to the realization, right or wrong as it may be, that it is too dangerous for people to be around him for long. So, he decided to cut ties with Amy and Rory by allowing them and in fact the greater part of the entire universe to believe that he was dead. So, the doctor was free to travel on his own and under the radar so to speak. He thought he had been too center stage so to speak for too long. And that's pretty much how series six ended.... except. River, being "a good girl" told her mother, Amy, that the doctor still lives. Skip forward slightly to the Christmas special and we see the doctor get convinced to reveal himself as not being dead to Amy and Rory. The special ends with the doctor going inside to have dinner with the couple. So, the question lingers as to whether the doctor will be alone for much of the new series, once again with Amy and Rory, or find new companions all together. Karen Gillen has said in an interview that she will be leaving the show with the upcoming series. So, we know that Amy will not continue with the doctor past the new series, but we don't know how or when the farewell will take place. It may be safe to assume that Rory will go with Amy. But with Doctor Who, you just never know.

2. The Doctor is married

We saw the doctor actually marry River Song in a strange quicky ceremony in series six. I'm not sure that the marriage would hold up in court, but why would that ever stop the doctor anyway? So, we may get to see quite a bit more of the doctor and River relationship. Personally, I really like the dynamic between the two and would like to see more. However, it makes you wonder how long the writers are planning on keeping the character around. She has been in the show since the tenth doctor afterall.

3. The Big Question

"Silence will fall when the question is asked." We've been getting hints at this since the very first episode of the fifth series with the new incarnation of the doctor. Now, we know what the question is. And apparently, when it's asked in a certain place at a certain time, it must be answered. Also, that answer seems to be something pretty big in and of itself. The doctor himself describes it as a terrible secret if my memory serves correctly. "Doctor.... Who?" I can't imagine what kind of trick Steven Moffit has up his sleave for this one. This feels like a finale for the whole show. What can you do after this? I mean, the doctor's history has been hinted at and we've gotten a few pieces of the story here and there for years, but now, it seems we finally will find out exactly who he is and for the show as a whole, that could be a really good or really bad thing.

4. The doctor is a hunted man

As "Demon's Run" showed us, there is an entire army of people including headless monks and memory twisting Earth "invading" aliens which has seemingly one goal.... kill the doctor. Or at the very least, to guard against him it would seem. The disturbing thing here is that a lot of these people seemed to view themselves as the good guys. Much of what was said toward the end of series six and in fact series five as well would seemingly indicate that the doctor may pose the greatest threat to the universe. Of course, we know better. We've seen the doctor Save the universe multiple times. But it's not hard to see why some might not see it quite the same way. And we get back to the identity question again. Why is it that knowing who the doctor is could be so dangerous? Hopefully we'll get more answers to these questions in the upcoming series. Reguardless of the reasons though and who's wrong or right, the doctor would apear to be in some big trouble if he pops back up on the radar so to speak of any of the races involved with this group. I can't imagine it would take long for word to spread and to have another situations similar to demon's run if the doctor isn't careful. So, will we be seeing the doctor trying to ninja it up throughout the series or just going about in his usual manner?

I don't know about the rest of the "Whovians" out there, but my mind goes berzerk any time I start thinking about the crazy possibilities set up for the upcoming series. On a separate note, I haven't seen any official numbers in terms of viewership in the UK, but I've heard conflicting stories about how popular the show is at this point. This has lead to some speculation as to whether the show will have a full length series coming up. All I can say is that I hope it's full length and that the show continues on for a good long time to come. Now that I'm able to watch the show somewhat regularly, it's quickly become one of my favorites and I'd hate to see it go. I guess the thing to take away from all that is to enjoy every episode we get, because you just never know what the future will bring. Unless..... Where did I put that Tardis?