Document destruction has become hugely important in this age of information. Identity and information theft are becoming more and more commonplace. As such, individuals and businesses need to focus some of their efforts on proper document destruction.

What are Some Methods of Document Destruction?

While there are literally hundreds of ways to go about document destruction, there are numerous methods that are better known and accepted as typical and acceptable practice.

Below are a few of the more common methods.

1. Paper Shredders - Paper shredders are by far the most ubiquitous and widespread method of document destruction available today. Paper shredder technology has advanced the most within the document destruction industry. The most popular paper shredder today is probably the crosscut paper shredder. Crosscut shredders shred the paper by cutting the paper up into smaller pieces just as the name suggests. It does so in a "crosscut" pattern thus making the document destruction more thorough and less likely to be put back together. Another aspect of paper shredder's widespread success in the document destruction world is the availability. You can find paper shredders in most every office supply store and even some hardware stores.

2. Mobile Document Destruction - Or more commonly referred to as, "mobile paper shredding", has really come into its own in the last decade. The convenience of mobile shredding has really taken off. Mobile shredding allows for offices to save space on bulky paper shredders for the office and allows for an 'as needed' approach to document destruction. If the office only needs to shred once a month then mobile shredding might be the ticket. This is even more convenient for small individual offices that process a lot of paperwork.

3. Incineration - This is probably the least convenient and thus least cost effective method of document destruction. Incinerators are certainly more thorough in their document destruction, but they are not even close to the convenience of office or home paper shredders. If a person was fortunate enough to have a fireplace in the office, I suppose this could be another method, but that is too unlikely to really consider.

Where Can I Find Good Paper Shredders?

Office Supply Stores - These are the most convenient places in which to find paper shredders for the home or office. They will often have whole sections dedicated to paper shredders and document destruction.

The Internet - Online is the best place to find deals on good paper shredders and document destruction services. Online stores directly compete with each other and when they compete, you win. This is a great way to shop for a good paper shredder. - If you are not too particular and wouldn't mind owning a second hand paper shredder, then an online classified directory like Craigslist is a great place to locate a cheap and useable paper shredder for your home or office.

As long as there is paperwork to be processed there will always be a need for document destruction. I hear every once in a while that we are becoming a paperless society. If that is indeed true, then I do not think that there would be a need for document destruction or the manufacture of so many paper shredders.

Take some time and shop around for a good paper shredder. Keeping your information and identity safe is more important now than it has ever been. Take precautions and make document destruction commonplace in your home or business. Buying a good paper shredder or using a mobile shredding service is both great steps in the battle to protect valuable information. Document destruction is an investment that you cannot afford to pass up!