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Samantha Futerman is 25 years old and is an American actress who lives in Los Angeles.  She was born in South Korea and was adopted by an American family who brought her home to Verona, New Jersey when she was a baby.  Far away in London, Anais Bordier, a Fashion Design student from France, received a Facebook message from a friend of hers saying that he had seen a YouTube video of the American actress and that she looked exactly like Anais.  Anais was also born in South Korea and was adopted by a French family.  Anais googled Samantha and found out that the two girls had the same birthday - November 19, 1987.  She was able to contact Samantha through Facebook.  Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg. 

The girls were able to correspond through the Internet and Skype.  It was a weird experience for both of them.  This incident could never have happened before social media became popular with young people who now use electronic devices with great facility.  They were part of a large generation of Korean children who were adopted by families from other countries in the late 1980s.


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Making the Documentary

With the help of her friend, Ryan Miyamoto, Samantha was able to chronicle the day-to-day events leading up to and including the meeting of the two girls and its aftermath.  They used videos, skype, and Facebook to record the happenings as they unfolded.

Anais told Samantha that her creations would be featured in a Fashion Show in London in the coming months and invited Samantha to come to London.  They were able to contact an agency in Korea called the Social Welfare Society (SWS) which is a child placement agency, to try to learn something about their birth parents.  Samantha received an Email from the Post-Adoption Coordinator explaining that their birth mother had difficult circumstances at the time, and denied that she had babies and had given them up.  She was told to write the mother a letter; the woman could make contact in the future if she changed her mind.

A DNA Test

Dr. Nancy L. Segal, a Psychologist and Director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University offered to do a DNA test on both girls.  She is a fraternal twin herself.  She cautioned them, however, to be prepared to be disappointed if the test proved that they were not related. 


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A Meeting at Heathrow Airport

Samantha bought tickets to the Fashion Show and planned her trip to London to meet Anais.  She thought about the fact that she did not get certain acting jobs which led her to take this one which gave her the YouTube exposure which changed her life.  She felt an unexplainable connection with Anais.  They met in London’s Heathrow Airport.  A lot of giggling occurred as the girls realized how much they resembled each other.  They were able to speak to Dr. Nancy Segal on Skype when they were together.  She was able to give them the last confirmation which they were seeking.  She said to them “Give your identical twin sister a hug and a kiss.  DNA does not lie.”  They were overjoyed, but they had known it all along.

Samantha never had negative feelings about being adopted.  It was not an issue for her.  She was the more extroverted twin, and was raised in a family with three brothers.  Anais, on the other hand, was the only child of her adoptive parents, and was quieter and moodier.  She often felt lonely but did not know why.  “Maybe I was just missing Sam,” she said.  She always felt that she was waiting for something to happen.

Samantha’s parents and one of her brothers came over to London, and were so elated to see the girls together, and were amazed at their strong resemblance to each other.  Anais’ parents came to London also, and had the same happy experience.  The girls strolled around London, holding each other’s hand, unashamed of their affection for each other.  A lot of laughter, a lot of giggles.

Anais comes to Los Angeles

Back in LA, Samantha felt that it was really weird settling back into life.  She wished that Anais could come over and work in the States.  She just wanted to keep sharing her everyday life with her.  So she was ecstatic when Anais E-mailed her “I booked my flight!”  She would come for a visit.

They swam in the Pacific Ocean and met Dr. Segal at the Twin Studies Center, who took a lot of measurements and comparisons of the girls.  They tried contacting their biological mother, but she continued to deny them. 

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A Trip to Korea

The girls learned about a gathering of Korean adoptees for an Adoption Conference which would take place in Korea which would give them the opportunity to visit their home country.  They decided to go.  It also gave each girl the chance to spend some time with the two foster mothers with whom they each lived briefly after their birth.  They never understood why they were separated and given to different adoptive parents.

While in Korea, they tried once again to make contact with their biological mother but were unsuccessful.  They gave the coordinator a letter to give to her, however.  They told their mother they loved her and thanked her for giving them the gift of life.  They said they were not angry that they were raised apart, but they were happy that they were together now.  They included their addresses if their mother decided in the future that she would like to contact them.  The woman’s identity has never been disclosed to them.

Samantha and Anais hope someday to live in the same place, but it has not happened so far.  They are in contact daily however through Email and through Skype.  Their sensational story has gripped the public’s imagination and has made them celebrities of a sort.  In addition to the documentary, Samantha and Anais have written “Separated at Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited.”

Twins have a special bond which is not given to others.  They are known to feel each other’s pain or experience the same emotion, even over long distances.  I myself are intrigued about the story of these particular twins.  I hope to hear more about them as the years go by.  It is a happy story, and needs to have broad circulation.


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