Today is Monday, 16Nov2009, and this will actually be my second installment update of my Info Barrel eBook development project. After watching the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, on Hulu, with my fiance, I feel compelled to share a few others aspects of this project that jcmayer777 (Jason) and I have been working on. For this update, I would like to share a brief overview of what will be available in our main Info Barrel eBook, as well as, the several other complementary guides that we feel most comprehensively addresses the needs of the Info Barrel community.

While it was our initial intent to only release one large main eBook, the range of topics covered don't actually lend to the fluidity of content and writing that we have hoped to maintain. For this reason, it made the most sense to write complementary guides that can be used in conjunction with our main eBook. With giving full credit where it is due, Jason has actually written a significant amount of material for the complementary guides, and, we believe, the collective Info Barrel community could benefit greatly from reading the insights, and creative strategies, that Jason has applied daily to help him earn nearly $500/month for both himself and his family. This is quite a feet, and, as we detail some really great tips and tricks, we strongly believe that we can teach others how to do the same.

One thing is for sure, however, and that is that no road to passive income is paved with ease. Any substitute for hard work probably won't help you achieve what he has, however, he has managed to do this, while also working a full time job as a Jail Guard. With the strategies, tips and tricks that we provide in both our eBook, and our complementary guide, can you imagine just how much you can accomplish if you had even more free time than he has? His story is certainly inspiring, and his knowledge base, regarding the science governing Info Barrel, is definitely extensive and captivating. Even in my time being his partner, on a project of this scale and nature, there is much that I have learned, as well.

Our Main Info Barrel eBookMain InfoBarrel eBook Cover
  • Comparing Info Barrel to Similar Website Platforms
  • Using a Broad Array of Social Media to Promote Your Articles
  • Using 'Competing' Websites to Generate Traffic
  • Your Methods to Earn
  • Strategies to Increase Search Engine Visibility of Your Articles

TroubleShooting Guide for Info Barrel

Info Barrel Troubleshooting Guide for Problem Articles
  • My Article Isn't Getting any Ad Clicks
  • My Ad Clicks are Only Worth a Few Cents
  • Why isn't my article getting more views?
  • Why my article hasn't been indexed by the Search Engines
  • Using Social Networks for Quick Indexing
  • I had an article go crazy overnight. How do I make that happen again?


Info Barrel Guide for Overcoming Writer's BlockInfoBarrel Writer's Block Guide
Coming Soon!

Info Barrel Guide for Latent Semantic Indexing/ Analysis
 Coming Soon!